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non-cruise cable install

Finally got the non-cruise cable in. It was all very easy until I got to the part where you actually have to take the ball and clip part off the base of the throttle pedal. I'm not exactly a small guy so I actually had to unmount the pedal by removing the two 12mm bolts that holds the assembly against the wall. Even then, it was a pain getting it off. A guy with slim fingers could probably have done it easily but not me. After many attempts and curses, I got the thing off. I don't know how any of you actually got the clip and ball off the throttle pedal without unmounting the pedal itself but if I hadn't unmounted the pedal, I never would've got this done.

Just some advice for the bigger framed and more fat-fingered guys out there. Take the time to unscrew the 2 botlts holding the throttle pedal against the wall. I spent a stupid amount of time trying to just take off the clip as it is.

Use a screwdriver and pop that ball off. i had the hardest time as well. then ward (467) showed me the light.


Well-known member
Aug 4, 2004
Midlands, UK
discommect the engine end so the cable goes slack, pull ALL the slack through at the top of the pedal, then lever the yellow thing out of the pedal.

Oh yea, you'll need to drop the lower dash panel then you can see what you are doing!



Well-known member
Jul 22, 2004
Agency/St. Joe, MO
Dealer, online, junkyard, other member. Part number is listed above.


Well-known member
Jun 16, 2004
Plano, TX
you can use 1.5L csm cables or 1.8 cables w/out cruise.

ya, those things are the easiest mods in the world. just disconnect from the tb, intake mani, and pop that yellow ball off the back of the pedal, voila!

I just finished putting in a non-cruise control cable myself. I was replacing the clutch pedal assembly today, along with the associated bushings, and ordered the non-CC cable to do at the same time. 4 bolts later and it was done. I dropped the lower dash panel and then used a set of needle nose pliers on the green/yellow retaining clip that attaches to the upper portion of the gas pedal to pull the stock, cruise control cable off, then WHAMM-O, done.
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