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New guy here from Tempe,AZ. On the hunt for a clean vr4


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Hey guys
Figured I would give a quick introduction

I live in tempe,az and go to ASU. Was in the Army for 4 years and got out in 2010.

I have owned a lot of cars in my 28 years but have been settling down to the turbo awd variety

Owned a few wrx' and an evo and currently daily a 2002 wrx on e85

Looking for a clean vr4 currently. Missed out on one and passed on another that is for sale locally due to the seller being sketchy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/uhh.gif

Anyways hope to be reporting back in a few weeks or months with a vr4 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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Would be interested in trading someone plus cash on their end however I am sure it would be much easier for me to just sell this and pick up one off one of you fine chaps.


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Bought both my GVR4's outta PHX. There are a few roaming around in NM, hit up snailspool when time about one of his.


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I was a Sun Devil myself, but didn't finish my degree there. I think somebody posted a CL find of a GVR4 down in Tucson.

I had a hard time finding anything when I was looking this time last year for one. Ended up flying to Reno and paying way too much money for a nonsunroofed 92 summit white. After I bought it, like a month or two later, there were like 4 for sale in a 400 radius of me. Wait for the right car. Also look into the PNW for cars as they normally have them after the ski season for sale. Most are rust free too.


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yeah the vr4 in tucson is a bit sketchy. Heres my worries

it was originally for sale a few weeks ago with a blown trans, had a header, 1000cc injectors, exhaust, and a few other bolt ons

it was for 2000 obo

the current owner was acting like he didnt know anything about cars and that the vr4 was pretty close to stock

turns out they bought the car for 1200, removed all the parts and returned it to fairly close to stock, besides the 7 bolt motor

after I confronted him about this his tuned changed a lot. I offered him 2k and he said no so I passed

figured I would rather spend 5k on a super clean, documented car


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Jeez, i couldnt get the tuscon guy to return any calls, but with the info you just provided, im glad!

A 7 bolt? Wow.

Good luck on your search!


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Nice to see new local members. I was thinking of selling 1101 but I would not consider it a clean car.

How much were you looking to spend?


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Quoting boostedinaz:
Nice to see new local members. I was thinking of selling 1101 but I would not consider it a clean car.

How much were you looking to spend?

What the hell you talkin bout willis? Your car is clean, it just needs some tlc. You and I both took care of that car, it was the hacks in between our ownership that should have been limited to driving civics.


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See also, Swedish Dumpster, aka: Sweet Brick in the background. 242? GT? Turbo brick? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Both of mine have been sold and have cages in them now, destined for rally action. Can't think of any others currently available in the market.

If Michael decides to let 1101 go, that's going to be your best bet in the valley. Might not be clean, but he has high standards.


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If you weren't far away, I'd think about a straight trade for your bugeye. Good luck finding one, there are a lot of nice ones around if you are willing to look.