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Need help, Galant door molding


New member
Hey all! I have a 1990 galant gsx. Sadly the drivers side door was involved in a hit and run. I have the opportunity to pickup a new door off of a base model galant and was wondering if anybody could tell me if the lower trim piece thats on my car can be put onto the base model door? Or am I stuck deciding between a dented or one thats the wrong trim. Thanks!


Turn Right Racing
Staff member
Hard to categorically state it "will" fit without more info, but you can probably make it work. Youi may have to drill some holes matching the original for the attachments.


Well-known member
There were only two types of door moulding (lower cover)
One with a wavy profile and one with three narrow grooves in.
they changed from year to year.

If its the half door covering moulding, and it's the wavy profil one then you are good.