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Major Problems

Well, I have had VR4 for 2 onths now and it is down for the second time. The car took a sh*t on me Friday night and I have just now got a chance to take a look at it. Looks like I have some serious blow by issues. Oil spit out the dipstick tube and I blew the out the oil filter o-ring. I havent taken too much apart yet but I am looking at worse case scenario.
Anybody know where I can get the cheapest JDM motor that can be shipped to me within a couple of days? Or a cheap one that is within 4-5 driving hours of Las Vegas?thanks

It might not be as bad as you think.The dip stick is known to pop out as it gets old. The rubber shrinks over time and doesn't seal well. The least amount of blow by will cause the dip stick to pop out and then you get oil everywhere as you drive normally.The oil filter (especially a stock Mitsu one) is known for backing off. The stock water cooled oil filter housing has been known to screw things up too. Neither have much to do with blow by. Fixes:
1. new dip stick
2. Mobil 1 filter and make sure you have the stock oil/coolant sandwich cooler torqued down enough.

To add to Jon's post, when you tighten down the sandwich style oil cooler be careful not to overtighten it (as you might crush it). I belive you will need a 24mm deep well socket to get at the nut. Also, you can get a new gasket from Mitsu for the oil cooler, which I would recommend doing the next time you change the oil.Dave Flaherty[This message has been edited by smokindav (edited 08-22-2002).]

ken inn

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Feb 23, 2001
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to add to dave's post, you put a couple of washers in the center of the sandwich cooler, to support the center, then you can tighten it down, and not crush it. howard used 2 of these copper crush rings i had lying around, and they fit perfect. also, since the crush rings have a little "give", i think these will be better than regular washers. someone wrote a vfaq about this. but, if this dont solve your problem, sounds like the oil pressure relieve valve stuck. THAT will be a problem. [email protected] just parted out his car, and he has a motor with 550's in it, he wanted 1000 for it, and i think he also had an act 2600 on it.