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Just my luck, out of town and right before kickoff....Crank Pulley Separation?


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So I went to remote start my car so I could take off and watch the superbowl, well it kept turning on for 10 seconds then turning off. So I go out and sit in the car and remote start it. My stock boost gauge showed nothing, revealing my alternator wasn't working. Shit, right before the superbowl my alternator went out... nope, belt fell off. Nice! I can take care of that real quick with the only tool I had, an adjustable end wrench. Wrong! I start it up and it was rubbing something terrible. I look and the AC belt wasn't moving, looking further, the belt was wedged between the timing belt cover and sprocket. Hmmm how did that happen, well I don't know F*** it, I don't need AC right now so I cut the belt and pulled it in hopes to get to the already started superbowl. Nope! Start it up and it still rubbing. So I take the light down on the pulley and I notice it wiggling side to side....... shit.

So I gave up and hopped in my hand-me down F-150 and took off. The bolts on the pulley are still in, so I don't know whats going on. I'm thinking maybe the pulley seperated. Either way I'm not working on it during the superbowl and I'm headed back to my place tonight for school and work tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll get to work on it again unfortunately. Guess I'll be driving the V8 for a while /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Here's a short clip of it before I took off.
Crank Pulley


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I had a similar issue like that before. either way youll need a new pulley. Mine separated in to 2pieces when i took it off. You can actually pull off the outer part of the pulley while its still bolted down.


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That's how the patriots started the game.

Mine flew apart the first day I owned my gvr4 sitting in the driveway lol.


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That's crazy, so crank pulleys coming apart in the nor? The next time I go to the junk yard I'm pulling pulleys for spares.


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Junkyard pullies just create more issues. Get a new one and be done with it.


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Yeah I'm gonna look into getting a new one. Kind of annoying, but what can I expect, it's 20 years old.