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How to install dual filament bubs in GVR4 corner lenses (running light+blinkers)


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Oct 14, 2008
With the JDM front bumper on my car, I was left with a dilema. I had running lights, but no blinkers in the front of the car. (the JDM bumper has fog lights and no provisions for blinkers where the USDM bumper has blinkers.)

So today I found a solution.
I had previously purchased aftermarket replacement amber corner lenses on ebay which come with a different size bulb and bulb socket. (

Here's what you do. First, you will need two bulb/socket/pigtails from a 97-03 F-150 corner light, which can easily be found in any junkyard. Many other fords have the same bulb and pigtail, but I used the one from and F-150.

Take a grinder of your choice, I used a cutoff wheel, and grind off all the plastic tabs so the plastic bulb socket is round. It'll fit perfectly in the aftermarket GVR4 corner lens.

It'll be in there snug but to ensure it doesn't come out, surround the edge with gray RTV. That'll keep it sealed and in place. Let the RTV dry for a few hours.

Next is the wiring. Pull the blinker light wire up from the bumper area, it's plenty long enough to reach the corner lens.
There's three wires coming from the pigtail, white goes to the blinker wire, brown goes to the running light wire. Connect the ground from both the running light and the blinker light to the black ground wire on the pigtail. Voila, you now have running lights and properly functioning blinkers.

Running light:

Running light and blinker: