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How to fix your Power Antenna

How to fix your OEM power antenna

You will need:

16 or 18 or 20 gauge wire (you may pick whichever you like) I used 20 Gauge wire. You will need about 20 feet total
Solder Iron + solder wire
Electrical Tape
Zip Tie
Toggle Switch (On and off) (2.99 at Radio Shack) or if you want to be special, you can get the one that lights up.
Fuse holder

If your power antenna fails to go up or down but you KNOW the motor is good then the Relay is most likely the culprit. Good luck fixing this relay…

I'm assuming you know how to test the Antenna Motor. It’s pretty simple. There is a two prong connector on the antenna assembly (See the second picture of the location)

To Test the antenna motor:
First off remove the antenna by removing the 2 -10 mm nuts and one screw for a ground.

Use two alligator clips and one clip will go to one prong then to Ground and use the second alligator clip to go to the other prong then it will be used to touch the car battery. If it doesn’t do anything, reverse the clips. If it doesn’t do anything then, then the motor is broken.

The Fix if your motor isn't broken:

The antenna uses a Dual Relay but I just by passed it all and jumpered the red wire to the blue with black strip wire together with a toggle switch in between. This will get power even when the car doesn't have have the key in the ignition so you might want to save power by switching it off when its not in use. I mounted the toggle switch where the coin holder is next to the mirror adjustment control is located. See Pictures

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Why not attach an aftermarket "Bosch" type relay in place of the stocker?


The relay would involve more soldering and some times people would wonder (if the next owner sees it) would be like, "Why did he do that?...why didn't he just get a new relay from Mitsubishi?" (Gezz thats ghetto)

This is actually cheaper than the relay and you can have the antenna down on some stations that will work locally like for me 106.1 works great without an antenna (Be like ninja).

Its also a dual relay if you would like to do a write up on how to do that then I'm all for it but no one has shown me how do it. On my other vr4 is a after market power antenna with an after market dual relay that was installed from the PO. The antenna still doesn't work. So if you can show me how to fix this with wiring up information and a lil bit of pictures then I'll do it on my other vr4. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Good day sir!
dongeR /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif


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Geez. I just asked an innocent question and its no more ghetto than the switch method. Sorry I asked.

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lol sorry... I'm very direct and sometimes people take it the wrong way. I really would like to know how to wire up a dual relay. It would be pretty interesting. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Is not the dual relay broken down in the factory electrical manual showing it's on/off/pos/negative relationships internally? As long as we had a picture posted here of what the dual relay is made of internally, then it takes all the guess work out of going beyond the albeit basic switch setup (but funtional non the less, don't get me wrong!).


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Found what I was looking for at 54 - 112 in the Audio section of the manual. It would appear at first glance that all the antenna relays are visually the same in terms of interface and connections, with the only hot spot being the IC component in/out, but just browsing over the manual showed that Tape Player, CD Player. combination of both Tape/CD, or no players at all, you had the same antenna dual relay in place.

Anybody have a source on dual relays? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/idea.gif

I found a antenna dual relay at the junkyard and it was broken too. yay!!!!

Really though if you know how to read resistors and how to test each out on the relay then all you would need to do is spend 1.00 on the resistors that needed replacing. There's a few capacitors on the relay too. good luck fixing it.