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Good 4WS alignment shop in So Cal?


Well-known member
I'm getting heavy wear on the outside of my two fronts.

I dont think my local shop is doing something right with the 4 wheel steering (still active), as I've read that can cause similar issues.

Anyone know a place in So Cal that wont treat it just like "any other car"?

Live in Ventura County, will drive for a couple of hours to get this done right.

Thanks everybody!


Staff member
Good morning. I encourage you to contact Road Race Engineering in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Just outside LA. They will be able to point you in the right direction if not Road Race Motorsports adjacent to them I believe.

In addition, there is a TSB on performing the rear alignment on our rigs and that of the 3000gt vr4. Please see link below:


*The technician must adhere to this TSB otherwise the rear alignment will not be correct. Should you have any additional questions please continue to post.


Turn Right Racing
Staff member
I second that TSB, in fact next one I have done I will disconnect the rear steering rack myself. If done without doing that, the rear will fight itself. the shop that did mine years ago did not follow my instructions and I had toe-out and bad tire wear as a result.


Well-known member
4WS won't have an effect on front tire wear. Road Race does not do alignments. One of the best alignment places in SoCal is Westend Alignment in Gardena. If you know the specs you want, just about any knowledgeable alignment place should be able to get you to the settings you request. Just make sure to ask for a printout.