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I bought some clear corners off him about... eh, a few months ago. Shipping took FOREVER (not his fault at all though. I believe they came from Puerto Rico, or somewhere like that). He kept me up to date the whole time.

They just arrived a few minutes ago, and after attacking the mail man, I opened the box. I'm VERY happy with them! They look awesome!

Thanks again. I'm sure I'll be buying again from you soon *cough*seats*cough*



Well-known member
Jul 8, 2002
SoCal, USA
Emilie you beat me to it... Terrence is great to deal with and a good friend. I bought some stuff (sshh)from him and they look great. Mabuhay ka tol. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/applause.gif


Well-known member
Sep 16, 2001
dirty jersey
i got my jdm bumper from him yesterday
really good guy, product was in great shape, great packaging even though i picked it up in person.
if anyone is waiting for their jdm stuff, just wait, its coming.

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