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FS: traded

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This car used to belong to Gvr4Jay, then Sr71sss (Conrad) and then purchased by me. 204,169 miles on the chassis, 0 miles on the engine. Car has a clean title and is on a NonOp
Car has a rebuilt factory engine (Rebuilt by Conrad), New timing belt, New Clutch, stock turbo, EVO 8 fuel injectors and mas airflow sensor, Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump and a stage 3 Keydiver chip. Car is currently not running, the timing belt tensioner needs to be replaced (I have a new oem mitsubishi one for the car) The power seatbelts have been converted to manual ones as well as the windows (I was going to put power windows back into it but never got around to getting the motors) New KYB GR2 struts (rears need to be installed) new brake rotors and pads (again rears need to be installed) The interior is stripped but I have all the parts for it. Car comes with an extra stock turbo, extra stock exhaust manifold, extra stock 02 housing, an extra 16g turbo (needs to be rebuilt), 2g exhaust manifold, 2 engine blocks, and 2 spare heads. I would love to finish this car but I totaled my truck and I need a truck more than a car. Car will have to be towed on a flat bed trailer or tow truck The paint is that of typical 90's Mitsubishi with the clear coat peeling off of the hood and roof. Car also has Stainless braided fuel line from the fuel tank to the fuel filter. A/C and ABS have been removed. For an extra $900 I will throw in an Extreme Turbo systems front mount intercooler kit with all the piping and intake. Also The ecu was sent out to Terry to have the idle speed controller drivers replaced. New Radiator and slim line fan. I have way more invested into it than I am asking (way, way more)At this time I will not part it out unless somebody wants a rolling shell. The best way to get a hold of me is my cell (209) 623-7584 or my email [email protected]
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i think thats the same motor i saw sitting at Conrads house, if it is, its really clean, seen in person +1, good luck yo.
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