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FS: Nile Black 91 Galant VR-4 Aberdeen, SD $1500 ** SOLD **


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For sale is my 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4. It is #17 of 2000, nile black. From 2003 through 2008 this was my daily driver, going 120 miles per day without any problems. The last time this car was driven was September of 2008 when I moved from MN to SD. When I got to SD I disconnected the battery and it has sat in my garage waiting for me to get the time to finish it, which has never came. I am moving again and would prefer not to take the car as I don't see my motivation to finish this project returning anytime soon /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

My post count shows 1 since my account expired. There is some ancient Good guy feedback from back when I did have time for this car.

The $1500 is FIRM and priced low to move the car. Other than what is listed below the car has no issues. From ~150k to the 251 the odometer sits on now was all commuting.

Call me (Mark) at 605-290-1184 with any questions or if you want to see/drive the car

I will probably add more the the 'also included' list as I get to cleaning out my garage to move again.

Edit: Anything added after the initial post will be in bold

I charged the battery and it started on the first try!! I'll air up the tires and head to the carwash for some better pics.

The good:

Low mileage JDM vr4 RS motor (about 15k put on by me)
Low mileage 1G dsm tranny & xfer case (purchase from #3/Harry on, about 10k put on by me)
ported 16G & o2 housing
Ported evo exhaust manifold
720 injectors
255 Walbro
After market fuel pressure regulator (forgot the brand)
3" exhaust
Large FMIC (the ones Jesse sells(or sold? It's been a while)
Dave Brode IC piping
Keydiver chipped ECU (Stutterbox, 'shiftlight', etc)
MAF translator (MAFT in the glovebox)
Apexi turbo timer
Set of green diamond snow tires mounted on 15" spare rims (see pictures)
JDM Hood (scratched, but paintable, see pictures)
dual stage waterinjection (5 & 15 psi activation)
Rebuilt driveshaft
KYB stock replacement struts
H&R springs (1.5" lower)
ACT 2100 with plenty of life left
External oil cooler

It's been so long since I did anything to the car I probably forgot a lot of upgrades & replacement parts.

The not so good and general info:

The radiator fan *will* trip a fuse when it kicks in stalling the car. I had everything apart when I got the call to move (promotion) and spliced in an old relay that I had laying around. I either screwed up, or the relays are bad.
The car needs rotors and pads
The blower for the heater needs replaced
The center vents are removed, I have a piece of alluminum I planned to install the water injection switch & indicators (water injection on (red led) water injection spraying (green led) oil pressure gauge in (see pictures)
The seam on the driver side seat is torn
Radio quit working
I lost the 'key' for the lugnuts
A/C removed
Passenger side rear dogleg missing


100 HP Zex wet nitrous system SOLD & no longer included
Original radio/cd player & speakers
2 extra heads and a ton of other misc. parts
4 wheels w/ green diamond snow tires
o2 sensor & probe
Stock USDM intake manifold
Palm Pilot w/ logging software

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That's one very well written for sale post!

Some pics of the bottom of the doors and the undercarriage will help this one sell fast.

If someone else doesn;t jump on this, and quick I will give the man his asking price.

Kudo's on a well written post, and hope this one goes to a good home! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

hey, i jsut spoke to you on the phone. i am waiting for a shipping price from all day transport. as soon as i get that from them, and when they can pick up, we can seal the deal
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The car fired up at the first turn of the key after sitting for almost 3 years!! It ran great other then the mentioned issues and and some belt squeeling. It is also in desperate need of a good tune. It's not a show car, but can be a great daily driver after a bit of TLC.

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mark, i just got done talking to the wife, and i am not too worried about the shipping cost, and i am ready to move forward with the payment of this car to you. if you could snap a bunch more pics f the car, under the hood and all. i am not worried about the underneath. just wanting to get a sneak send them to [email protected] thanks


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For the semi local people that have expressed interest; Would installing new rotors and pads (which would be added to the $1500) so you can drive the car home make a difference?


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I don't know that I'd consider that too driveable if the radiator fan still trips it... that said, it's a great price, there's $1500 worth of goods there in a heartbeat. Give it time if you can, this would have sold in a day or two in a metro area.


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Time is the one thing I don't have /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif I was hoping (expecting?) someone snag this car up quick. Parting it out will triple someone the money, if not more depending how thorough/motivated someone would be. It is also a perfect candidate for someone wanting to merge a perfect shell with a solid drive train.

I'm starting to sell the 'also included' parts locally (Zex wet kit is gone). The price of the car won't change as it's still a great price.