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FS: Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (4/1000) - Northern NJ - ON HOLD


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Mar 3, 2010
UPDATE: I decided to put the car on hold until my exams are finished. I will starting, tuning and breaking in the car, at which point I will decide what I want to do with the car. 90% leaning towards keeping it now

Feeler for sale: Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (4/1000) (Location Northern NJ/NYC)

After picking up a new car (500hp Audi A4), I made a tough choice regarding selling my Mitsubishi Galant VR4. I am not really in a rush to sell but gauging interest. I JUST finished building the engine. I have NOT started the car yet since I have been busy with school. I get the feeling once I start it, I might end up selling the Audi or keeping it. I had plans for a Holset VGT and would be north of 600hp to the wheels.

Here are the modifications:
Engine (ZERO MILES) (I did all the blueprinting and clearance selection):
8.5:1 .20 over JE pistons (old generations with THICK skirts and THICK dish) w/ custom total seal pistons (had to send them measurements that my machinist took and I verified) (See HEAD section for details)
Eagle Rods
Clevite bearings
Stock crank (brand new)
ARP Main Studs and Kiggly Girdle (align hone checked)
Oil pump (brand new OEM)
Water pump (brand new OEM)
ARP L19 headstuds (stored in oil and checked for any imperfections with gloves)
O-ringed block with SS-orings
Fel-pro Composite Headgasket
Balance shafts removed
Front facing oil filter housing
Fisher Concepts Harmonic Damper (Hard to find, I rebuilt mine with new springs and retainers. I preferred the clutch based harmonic damper systems over the fluid based)

1.6 Head w/ Large ports (the combustion chamber is 43cc (bumps compression to ~9:1 and has velocity of a 2G head but has large ports and ported/polished to flow better than a 1G head)
Supertech 1MM intake and exhaust valves (5 way valve job)
Supertech springs, titanium retainers and steel keepers
Ported and Polished
Crower 280 Camshafts with Fidenza adjustable cam gears (have been timed and dialed in PROPERLY)
Kevlar Timing Belt
1G lifters (properly bleed and checked)
Kiggly HLA
Ebay Catch Can with functional PVC system (Catch can has steel mesh in it) (Was going to custom build one but never got around to it)

Magnus 1G Racing intake manifold (checked for cracks)
Accufab 70mm throttle body (with custom throttle bracket and spring)
2G ported manifold (cleaned and checked for cracks)
Bastard 20G (20G housing with REAL MHI E316G wheel)
2.5" intercooler piping and Bushur Intercooler (Spearco 3" core)
3" Bushur Exhaust
Greddy RS BOV (I made a DIY a looong time ago where I made a custom Greddy RS BOV using REAL Greddy RS internals and a ebay housing)
Fluidyne Radiator (has an epoxy fix done by a professional radiator shop)

AEM Fuel Rail
Aeromotive FPR
880cc Precision Injectors
255LH Walbro in-tank

Stock rebuild from Turbotrix (less than 5000 miles) (shifts PERFECT)
4 Spider Center Diff
ACT 2600 clutch w/ Street Disc
ACT lightweight flywheel
4 Bolt Rear End
Billet transmission mounts
AWS Eliminated
4 lug to 5 lug conversion

AEM EMS V1 (sent and checked by AEM)
AEM Wideband
5 Bar AEM sensor
GM IAT sensor
Battery moved to trunk (PROPERLY done, 0 gauge wiring, breaker and fused, very nicely mounted with custom welded mount)
Custom extra fuse box and wiring for radiator fans, etc. (all done PROPERLY and wired very nicely)
Custom alternator breaker and wiring (had a 250A alternator but was giving me with the belt so I swapped back in a stock alternator).
JVC headunit with 6.5 Pioneer speakers all around
93 Glass headlights
Solar Panel setup on trunk (Right now it sits on top of the trunk, Was going to run it flush but never had the time. I have a spare trunk lid to replace it if not wanted. It is connected to the battery and allows for the battery to remained fully charged all the time. You can also play the stereo for a while (I set this up since I was at school and wanted to tailgate with the car))

6/10 - Could definitely use a spruce up. There are some dings. And there are two small holes in the rear fender from me being a derp and accidently drilling two holes when mounting my battery.
8/10 - Seats are super clean. Rug could use some cleaning. The trunk plastics are in my basement after I did my rear battery removal.
ASA 18 wheels with Blizzak tires (70% of life)
A/C System is 90% there. Just needs to have the A/C compressor and bracket installed with a belt. (Previous owner removed it, I found ALL the parts and replaced them. Had to modify it a bit to fit but it is all connected)

Extra Parts (probably forgetting a bunch of parts):
TRE Stage 2 Transmission (cracked bellhousing, Was going to let my welder fix it when he had time)
Carbonetic Triple Plate clutch (flywheel ring gear was modified when purchased, welder has it and is remodifying it for me)
Front EVO 2 LSD (rare and almost impossible to find stateside)
Evo MR Bilstien w/ Tanabe GR210 springs
HKS DLI Type II (was going to use Honda K series coils)
10G Fuel Cell (I think it is 10G, might be 15G, I have to check)
1600cc Bosch injectors w/ 8-an fuel rail (I forget the brand, I need to check)
Synapse 40mm wastegate (checked and re-sealed by Synapse)
A/C Compressor and Bracket (need to find the bolts that holds the bracket and compressor to the bracket)
(4) Brand New Blizzak 18" tires (forget the exact size)
FOUR (yes FOUR) other sets of wheels (I forget exactly what I have but I will have to check)
Custom GVR4 shift knob that lights up and says 4/1000
Custom EVO flip key (never got around to doing anything with it)

You can text me 973-900-0981 (please don't call unless I say it is okay because I am very busy with school) or email me at [email protected] I reserve the right to not sell to kids/people I feel like will not take care of the car.
As it sits, UNSTARTED, I am looking for $8000, $6500 without the spare parts.

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Jan 7, 2012
Damn Alanis glws!


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Apr 18, 2008
Arlington, Tx
I was wondering if you were going to pull the trigger........


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Jun 23, 2010
Clarksboro, NJ
Keep it and come to MOD in Camden!
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