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FS: GVR4 1286/2000 good shape, no mods $3500 obo, *SOLD*

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Looking for a new home for my VR-4.

Car has no mods, 119k, runs great, and looks good (has it's minor dings). Leather in good shape. Factory sunroof and CD.

I am the second owner of this car, which was purchased new by an ex-boss of mine. He pampered the car (gave me $7k+ in receipts, but these were only from recent years). When he moved to Texas a few years back, he decided to part with it and I bought it at that time. I now have too many vehicles and could use the money, so I am putting it up for sale.

Top and rebuild was done at about 102k (need to look up exact mileage).

I haven't done a lot of work on the car, but have replaced rear brakes (rotors, calipers, pads), water pump, serpentine belt, battery, and A/C compressor (used replacement here).

The car came with a small steel plate over the lock on the driver's side door, this apparently installed after a NYC breakin.

Auto door unlock does not work.

The only thing that needs attention is a minor leak in the rear steering. This may actually have stopped with the cold weather but will be back in the spring. I've only had to top-up the fluid once, so it's fairly minor.

I was rear-ended at fairly low speed in '06. Very minor dent and had the car fully checked out - no mechanical damage.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] if interested or with questions. I can also hook you up with my mechanic if you would like to discuss the car with him.

A couple of pictures below. Can take more if needed.

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I have had a couple of inquiries and requests for more photos, specifically the interior. These are attached as well as a couple of shots of the right side of the car.

The interior is in very nice shape, with no tears in the leather, no cracks in the dash, good shifter and boot, etc. The original carpet mats are in the car, but as expected they show their wear. The only problem in here is that the bakelite lock pull-up on the right rear door is broken, which is a nuisance when you have 4 people - however, a cheap and easy fix if you can find the part.

Also, I dug up my receipts - motor job was actaully at 105631, also a new clutch at 89937 - current mileage is 118927.


This had been sold. Many thanks to the board for hooking me up with the right people.
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