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FS: Garage clean out!!


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Jan 11, 2014
North branch mn
All prices obo. Shipping and PayPal fees not included in price. Pics available via PM or text. 7633210573

Glowshift oil pressure gauge 25.00
Glowshift fuel pressure gauge 35.00
Glowshift boost gauge 25.00
Drivers side mirror. 30.00
Passenger side mirror 30.00
91 d-side tail light 40.00
91 pass side tail light 40.00
92 d-side rail light 30.00
Intake brace bracket 15.00
Small oil catch can 15.00
Brake res w/sensor 25.00
Brake res wo/sensor 20.00
Coolant res 25.00
Washer fluid res x2 25.00 each
Battery tray 10.00
Stock low mile valve springs and retainers 50.00
Trans mount both sides 30.00
Turn signal brackets x2 10.00 each
Intake manifold 65.00
Fuel rail 25.00
-6an adaptors for fuel rail 20.00
Brake booster hose 10.00
Stock cam gear 10.00
Stock fuel filter 10.00
Corner marker d-side 25.00
Corner marker p-side 25.00
HVAC controls x2 25.00 each
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Feb 4, 2004
Hello, looking for amber corner and number light covers. Also, a true short-shifter and a 5-lug conversion.thx.

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