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FS: galant VR4 Rally Car


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I need to get rid of my rally car. this car has a lot of very nice bits in it (as listed in the ad below) and if I'm unable to find a buyer I may part it out. Major items include Proflex canister suspension, evo 3 box, strong motor, autronic, ralliart front hubs, compomotive rims, 4 bolt driveshafts, evo 3 rear LSD, Ralliart Dump pipe, intercooler etc. etc etc etc.

Now I'm not quite ready to strip it yet. I'll give it a few weeks and try and find a buyer as it is. But if anyone is interested in any parts please PM me, and let me know what you're interested in. If i get enough interest from people looking for bits, I will make the decision to part it out. anyway - here's the ad:

Mitsubishi VR4 - $15000 ONO.
Ralliart Built, Fastest and best built VR4 on the east coast.
Genuine historic Vehicle. WRC event winner
Not a Haybittle car. (despite its colour)
Car is being sold literally turn key. Ready to rally.
This car was supplied brand new to Ed Ordinski, and built by ralliart into a rally car in 1990. It was driven by Ed in Rally New Zealand, and also Rally Australia in 1991, where he very easily won the group N section. This is, to my knowledge, the only WRC winning car currently competing in Australia. It is a genuine piece of Australian Rallying History.
From there the car went to Barry Smith, who also enjoyed success with it at state and national level, and then Karl Willett who campaigned the car very successfully in the NSWRC in the late 90’s.
But, besides that it’s a great car. In 2015, we only did 1.5 rallies - Rally New England and half of Natcap. (natcap DNF due to alternator overcharging.) Pretty much everything that matters was replaced at the start of 2015, so has only been subjected to those few stages of rallying. Specifications include:
• Original Proflex with canisters.
• Evo 3 gearbox fully rebuilt in 2015.
• 4.2 LSD rear. (done about 5 rallies)Open front diff.
• 4 bolt drive shafts
• Ralliart front Hubs – the green ones – made form solid unobtainium.
• Winmax pads, replaced with new rotors start 2015.
• 272 CAMS, and adjustable timing gear. Forged bottom end.
• Autronic with antilag.
• 720cc injectors.
• Rallyart Dump Pipe
• Engine currently tuned to produce 168KW at the wheels. Can easily by spec’ed up to 200kw Plus, but was tuned the way it is to make it more reliable. Engine was fitted and tuned 2015, so has also done just those 1.5 events. Can be sold with or without turbo restrictor (by negotiation with buyer)
• Bladder fuel tank
• Fuel pumps and filters all replaced 2015.
• Ralliart Built Cage
• Underbody protection, Sill protection, Sill stand points all as built by Ralliart. (stands not included, but can be manufactured in half an hour if you want some)
• Radiator rebuilt start of 2015.
• New alternator.
• New Battery. (little oddyssy type thing)
• Car has water bottle equipped to spray water onto intercooler and oil cooler.
• Comes with fire bomb (cable), 2 fire extinguishers, and even a fire blanket. You might guess I’m not a fan of fire.
• Sold with all the gear you need to rally including first aid kit, triangles, Terratrip 202, and terraphone intercom.
• Rallysafe kit fitted.
• 4 cibie turini driving lights converted to HID, mounted in individual light pods
• The seats. Sparco fiberglass single piece. They’re the worst part of the car, and need some attention. They’re fine and they work but they need recovering. Can be done fairly cheaply, or just ignore it and keep on motoring like I did. But they are hard on your bum and pretty tatty looking.
• Cams Logbook. Amsag Logbook.
• Currently running NSW Rally Rego.
• Car has been professionally maintained for most of the past 6 years.

Spares include:
• 12 Compomotive rims. (there may actually be 16 – I need to check, but some of them are in Sydney) the ones that are on the car all have Dunlops fitted that have done 2 stages, and are still in really good shape.
• 4 Original wheels, that were on it in the early photos. (can’t remember what brand they are, sorry)
• Spare short motor
• full set of drive shafts,
• Rotors, pads etc etc etc.
• bonnet, front guards and at least 2 Doors.
• Loads of other bits and pieces as well.

Results and potential:
As I said at the top this car is the fastest VR4 on the east coast. Currently holds a seeding in the mid 94’s in NSW. It has a proven track record at state level including a 2nd outright at Batemans bay 2013. It won the only 2 events it competed in QLD (a rallysprint and a khanacross) This car will be competitive in any state championship in the right hands. I found it dead simple to drive, forgiving and predictable, and I know you will too. It’s a great thing and I will genuinely be sad to see it go.

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Ah yes, i remember seeing video of this car and i think i have a few pics of it floating around somewhere. Cool stuff /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif GLWS


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Just in case anyone isn't aware - this car is located in the Gold Coast Queensland Australia.