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FS: FT; GA/AL 1992 Talon AWD 4bolt/6bolt - $3500


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Sep 22, 2007
Just talked to my very understanding and beautifully pregnant wife and we came to an agreement. I need a bigger car. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter right now and on Oct. 26th I will have another daughter. I didn't want to have to do this and actually tried to avoid this because I really love this car. But right now I need to be more adaptable to my current situation and not as self indulgent. Basically I need a bigger car that will fit both of my daughters inside.......comfortably!

Ok here you go:

-1992 4bolt lsd/6bolt
-92xxx on the clock
-3k on stock rebuilt motor and tranny by Extreme Motorsports Near Powder Springs, they are out of business now but I talked to a mechanic that worked on everything and he told me all of the following, I beleive his name was Jeremy but I will look on the receipts to make sure
-Rebuilt xfer case
-Thermal R&D 3in exhaust
-Recently installed great condition 14b by myself and Wookie
-Stock 1g maf and piping
-Symborski kit
-Cross drilled front rotors with axxis pads
-stock suspension
-stock rims with good tires
Comes with:
-750cc FIC
-hard upper i/c piping

The Bad:
- Florida rebuilt tag in the door. Inspected and cleared. No signs of damage when I had it on a lift yesterday. Now has GA title, no rust
- Passenger side door pin fell out and the door opened up to the fender and dented the fender. Now has new door pin
- Drive shaft carrier feels alittle loose but still in good shape
- Might need ball joints soon, but steering isn't sloppy
- Passenger seat belt acts up when the car is running and the door is open, but when the car is off it works fine.......idk.
- Im sure I am missing something

Basically this was the car that I wanted to keep and built and race etc. I really really really really don't want to get rid of it but I cannot and will not make it uncomfortable for my growing family. I will get another DSM, thats for sure, but right now I need to concentrate on my family. I would like to trade for something bigger, if even slightly. Wookie has been really the only person that has ridden in it and seen the engine and tranny, so hopefully he will have some input on this to help me out.

I drove the car from birmingham to Lawton OK, about 800+ miles nonstop, getting over 320 miles to the tank before the light comes on. It ran flawlessly and was actually a joy to drive that far. Had a small vacuum leak but I have since fixed that and pulls good at 12lbs. I will drive it back on friday to birmingham for my week of leave to be with my wife and my new daughter.
After that I am going to missouri til January. Txt is the easiest at 706-429-3817. Price is 3500 because I have to put one up, want to trade for vr4, maybe something else as long as it has room for children.












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Mar 4, 2004
Indianola, Iowa
As per site rules the title needs the price in it or your ad my get deleted.

Nice car, GLWS, and congrats on the second little girl!


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Sep 22, 2007
i dont have a computer atm. Can a mod post the price in the title? Thank, im just using my phone

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