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FS/FT: 1999 Mirage DE Northeast PA $1299


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1999 Mitsubishi Mirage DE

-1.5 liter engine
-Auto transmission
-114k miles

Parts recently replaced
-Radiator cap
-Distributor cap and rotor
-Spark plugs and wires

The bad-
-Since I bought it I have had a little trouble with the transmission. When coming to a stop the car will come out of gear, go into gear, come out, then go back in. It is a little annoying, but I have been driving like that for about 8-9k miles and it has not gotten worse. I'm not too sure what exactly is causing the car to do that. Even if you hold the brake and gas coming to a stop (keeping a load on the converter) it will still do that. It also takes about 4 seconds to go into drive or reverse. It did have new fluid put in it around the 104k mile mark.
-The car does have idle surge. I bought it from my boss, and he had the TPS sensor replaced before I got it, for some reason I doubt the mechanic put it in the right position, there is a how to on this on, I just don't have a multi-meter yet.
-The car has a few rust spots under the hood, I hit most of them with Por-15, there were some spots on the drivers side door, but I mostly took care of them.
-The drivers side door doesn't align all the way, it doesn't look like it was ever hit, but I'm not 100% sure.
-Someone opened the hood too far and bent the hood hinge, hood still works fine.
-A/C doesn't work, it is charged but blows hot air
-power steering pump squeaks
-I removed the A/C and PS belt (still relatively easy to turn)
-Horn is possessed (stays on unless you pull the relay, problem is probably in the wheel)
-There are some stains here and there in the interior
-Cloth on drivers side door panel is partially coming off

The good-
The car gets good gas mileage, I usually get upper 30's.
Overall it runs good, I've put almost 9k on it since I bought it has not left me stranded
The body is in decent shape, only a few dings in it, paint is good
It comes with a CD player
A lot of maintenance has been done
I've run synthetic oil in it since I got it, it doesn't lose much oil
Comes with a few spare parts (snow tires, starter, alternator, etc)
It has the /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/uhh.gif sticker, and some stickers from Gabor on it

Price: Asking $1299
I will also trade for a Galant VR-4 or another car around the same value.


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How about for a rolling chassis? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Bump for a lower price, and the fact that the transmission now needs to be pulled. It still runs and drives, however it is having more issues. I would love to do the swap, however I just put my notice in at work due to school.



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I am bumping this to the top. It is still having the same problem as before. The other week the neutral light started blinking again and the car became locked in third gear. The manual says that the blinking light means that there is a malfunction in the transmission, I suspect that it is the same thing that happened to me 5 months ago (this has only happened twice). I have not been able to reproduce the blinking light since it came on the other week. I'm waiting on a transmission filter, and hopefully in the next week or two I will change the fluid to see if that helps at all. I feel that this car would make someone a nice, cheap daily driver if they are willing to replace the transmission when it finally does let go. The price is still $1299, and I am willing to trade, and meet people halfway that would like the car.