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FS: Aluminum shifter bracket bushings


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Apr 8, 2008
Corona, CA
I am not directly selling these but I am posting it as a heads up as no one else currently offers the aluminum bracket bushings. I asked Shepard for a set months ago and they basically said that they were too busy for anything DSM related. DSM is even off their site. A local is having these made.

Adam (the seller, a very trusted local) has made solid rear roll stops for the 2g and other products with success. I myself will be getting 2 sets.

Here is the link.

Details: (copy and paste from Tuners)

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these fit 1G/2G/GVR4

Just to be clear these aren't the shifter cable bushings or and shifter base bushings.

these go where the bracket that holds the cables bolts to the transmission

the single bushings replaces the two oem style

from what I can see, Shep used to make them but I cant find them anymore so I was going to make a one time batch of these, approx 30 sets or so, maybe more if theres alot of people who want these.

$18 shipped regular mail and payment must be gifted through paypal
$24 shipped flat rate usps and regular paypal payment

paypal is [email protected]

these will be ready in 2-3 weeks and shipping out to those who have reserved them as soon as they are done

above prices are due to shipping cost being over $5 for any mail with tacking so if you dont feel comfortable gifting a payment you basically have to pay for shipping

like I said this will likely be a one time deal or at least for a couple years until there's really a need for them again. if your interested i am accepting payment to reserve your set as quantities will be limited

I already have a bunch of local DSMers down for a set but i figured id open it up and see if anyone else in the DSM world needs a set.
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Mar 5, 2005
THE Ottawa
If we were interested, but were still probationary newbies at tuners, how would we contact this guy outside of the site.

If a cold-call paypal was sent about getting a set, its hard to incorporate extra shipping outside of the US, in the same payment.
Wondering what the best course of action might be.
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