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FS: 96 Montero SR on 37's - south bend indiana, $4500


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1996 Mitsubishi montero SR, 4x4, 3.5 liter, Automatic.

Some of you know that I'm planning to move to phoenix this year, between my cars and my girlfriend's cars it's going to be a task, my wagon and vr4 would be hard to replace but I can find another montero. I'm putting it up for sale, price is pretty firm, if it doesn't sell I'll just have to find a way to get it out there (anyone up for a road trip?? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif)

I bought this truck not running with the intention to keep it for a long, long time. So in December I pulled the engine out and gave it a full freshening up, fresh Mitsubishi rings, all new main and rod bearings, all original parts checked out to be within spec, but I wanted to give the engine a fresh start so I replaced all of the gaskets, bearings, rings, etc. Truck runs great and I have receipts / photos of the rebuild (you can view the thread from the rebuild on here.

Too long, dont want to read?

Here's the specs:
1996 montero SR
189,000 miles on chassis, fresh engine has 10,000 miles on it.
3.5 liter quad cam 10:1 compression 6G74
Fresh rebuild with:
New rings, rod and main bearing, valve stem seals, all engine gaskets and seals, timing belt and all accessory belts.
AW4 automatic 4 speed transmission
Factory external transmission cooler
Factory external oil cooler
Factory air locker in rear
Locking center diff for AWD or 4x4 modes
2 inch body lift
37x12.50 inch BFG mud terrains
17x10 Weld racing aluminum wheels (matching spare)
Hella 7 inch driving lights
Custom one of a kind plate bumper, designed specifically for the montero
MP3 & CD player
Factory additional gauge pod with compass, outdoor temp, oil pressure and volts
factory option wood grain dash
K&N filter kit
Recently had spark plugs and new wires
AC works great
cruise control works
electronic adjustable transmission (power, normal, hold(hold is for slippery conditions, starts vehicle in 2nd gear))
Transmission shifts very firm.

Paint and interior are all in great condition, body does not appear to have much rust, vehicle is driven in winter months so the underbody has a little surface rust, shouldnt deter you if you plan to use this for a winter machine or camping/wheeling toy, majority of service points under the truck have been touched, greased, anti-seized and worked on in the last few months so maintenance shouldn't be any kind of nightmare, I have owned a number of monteros over the years, until I bought an SR, now I would never own anything but a montero SR, everything you could ever want from a 4x4, right out of the box, without the big price tag!

Call or text 269.357.4372 for more pictures etc.
$4500 OBO, no trades.

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chances are it was somehow in violation of the rules. I've posted my last 3 monteros on here, galant guys are the best people to own a montero, keeps them in the mitsu family and keeps the vr4 off the street in the winters /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Being how we live in the same city and own the same vehicles (montero and gvr4) same colors too I believe lol, I would love to buy this from you. Especially to take the load off my montero. Glws and move man! You need someone to store it if it doesn't sell before you move let me know.


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Montero and Galant make a perfect combo! Love your Montero but this Florida boy don't do snow and salt! I can't imagine this will be around for long.


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forgot to mention i put a full set of revised lifters in this truck, no tick tick.


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some pictures from yesterday, bumper is going to come off in the next couple of weeks, get fully welded (mostly welded right now) then repainted to match the champagne sides. seats are clean but carpet is dirty.



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I have no use for this currently but I still want it lol very cool truck
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Oh yeah, if you're from here and you're interested; know that I am flexible with my price, only for members.

Also, I dont want trades, but I am open to partial trades for 4G63 parts (fit vr4 or my wagon) coil overs for my vr4, and high end wheels for my VR4 (work, volk, ssr, etc)


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Open to offers, I leave in a week for washington state though so if you're interested get at me before the 30th or after the 8th of June.


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Sold this morning.