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FS: 93 Talon AWD rolling shell: $550 in Blairstown, NJ


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Figured I would post it up for sale as a roller if someone wanted a project instead of parting/crushing.

I think it has 118k miles. Clean title in hand. NJ inspection till September 2011. No significant chassis rot or rust. Paint and body condition I would rate a 6 to 7. The clearcoat is starting to fail around the wing and rear 1/4 windows, the hood isn't the matching color, and it has some typical dings. Nothing major. I can detail photograph all body damage for a seriously interested party.

The shell is currently sitting on my lift, anyone interested is welcome to check it out while it's up in the air to inspect for rust or whatnot. This weekend I will likely put stock subframes, shocks, and wheels back on and roll it off the lift and into the driveway.

No sale in a few weeks = full part-out and shell crush as I normally do.

I have a trailer and can deliver the shell a resonable distance from 07825,Blairstown NJ. It will cost you gasoline at 10mpg. I'm around just about every day if anyone wants to come check it out.

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 862-251-2571 TXT prefered
Location: 1028 route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825

[*]All wiring harnesses are in good shape. not-hacked engine harness & good plugs.
[*]5 lug hubs with 16" 1g eclipse fan wheels and usable tires
[*]Complete exterior, all lights, moldings, mirrors..ect.
[*]Full interior with choice of black cloth or light grey leather seats. (or take them both!)
[*]Headliner is new as is the carpet. interior needs plastic trim re-assembly (car comes with a big box of extra interior parts as well)
[*]Interior has been gone over with sound deadening mat.
[*]3bolt rear diff/axles included if needed, but not installed
[*]ES suspension bushings and welded solid rear trailing arms.
[*]Power steering pump and lines and power steering rack intact.
[*]Brake systems all there. Clutch hydraulics and shifter cables all there.
[*]Fuel tank, sending unit, and fuel lines are all intact. Walbro 190lph fuel pump.
[*]Radiator and stock fan & hoses
[*]Stock shocks/springs.
[*]brake calipers and rotors. (will need the rubber brake lines)
[*]I'll include some misc engine parts that will help putting it together (mounts, hoses,ect)

NOT Included:[*] AC, Cruise control, and emissions stuff is gone
[*] Engine, Turbo system, IC pipes
[*] Trans, Xcase, clutch, flywheel, front axles
[*] ECU and all engine related electronics
[*] exhaust system

NOTE: Pictures were taken prior to disassembly, so the aftermarket wheels, fmic, exhaust and suspension shown in the pictures aren't included with the shell.








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He never sold it, to the best of my knowledge. My understanding is it was still sitting in his garage when it happened.


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Quoting Nate:
He never sold it, to the best of my knowledge. My understanding is it was still sitting in his garage when it happened.

Hrm..I really don't remember what all he had on the car, and I'm pretty sure Raul passed after 2006, so Id be nearly sure this isn't his car. It would be neat to find out though if Faze is still in a garage somewhere.


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Quoting codeofdastreets:
Wow pretty clean 1gb nate, I have a lot of friends that want these cars. Ill defenity look around.

Do so quickly, I really need the car off my lift this weekend so I can get moving on putting my yellow 1g back together (I have a whole gang of friends coming up this saturday to help assemble).


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$500 is the lowest Im going to go on the shell.

What I can pull from it on partout:
$100 engine wiring harness
$100 5 lug hub swap
$ 85 ABS delete set
$150 scrap "dirty steel" for shell
$ 55 scrap aluminum for wheels
$200 for the subframes with the poly bushings and welded control arms (already had one person nearly beg me to sell them)

As you can see, Im better off money wise parting and scrapping it than selling it even at my asking price of $550. More than anything, I need the space and Im working on putting my yellow 1g back together so the lift is "occupied" for a couple weeks. So I'd rather just get the car sold than bring it back in and finish parting the shell even if it made me a couple hundred bucks more profit.

Im going to start tearing this car down to bare frame first week of July if it doesn't sell as a whole shell.


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Some new pics of the shell as it's going to be sold. The car is currently sitting on my trailer ready to be delivered (I just have to pack the rest of the interior parts into the trunk). Actually going over to take a few more pics this afternoon, will post later. I have 4 different people interested in buying the shell. few asking for pics of the car after the partout was done before committing to buy it.

Engine bay shots show the shell prior to me installing stock shocks and putting wheels/tires on it.



These are the wheels & tires coming with it. They need some cleaning!