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FS: '92 TSi AWD 5-Speed 6/4 Bolt, Troy Michigan, $3000


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I really, really hate to do this. This has been my daily driver for the past year and a half. It has been a very solid vehicle for me and has given virtually zero issues. It's awesome on gas, great in snow, and was pretty quick. It's time for me to move on.

From what I was told, I'm the 3rd owner. The original owner was a middle aged man that drove it from Florida to New York. It was then sold to my good friend and then to myself. I have LOTS of records and documents from the original owner. Most mods I have personally done. The boost has never been above stock actuator PSI. The car has always seen 93/94 octane. The oil was changed about 400 miles ago. This is an early 92 DSM, which means it has the hard to find 6 bolt / 4 bolt combo.

Vehicle Basics:

1992 All Wheel Drive Turbo 5-speed
116054 Actual Miles
6 bolt motor / 4 bolt rear end
Clean Title
Black Top / Maroon Body
Red Cloth Interior


16g turbocharger with SBR ported turbine housing
Front mount intercooler with mandrel bent short route piping
K/N Intake
Relocated Lightweight Battery
ABS Delete
A/C Delete
Cruise Control Delete
Charcoal Canister Delete
Rewired Fuel pump
Deleted Cat
Ported 2g o2 housing with Dump
Solid Interior/Underhood Shifter Bushings
2g Rims (purchased new by original owner, have paperwork)
Rear Tinted Windows
Boost Gauge
Relocated HVAC controls (unfinished)
2g Shift Knob

Known Problems:

Crack in windshield
Have to shift slowly to avoid grinding
Famous DSM idle surge
Body panels have dents / Faded paint
Front passenger side rim has a bent lip, has always been like this, no problem
Needs new windshield wiper blades

Things included:

All paper work I have
2 Floor mats
Half tank of 93
Anything else 1g I have in the garage













$3000. Car is located in Troy, Michigan. PM if interested.
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Holy cow, minus the Talon part that car is EXACTLY like my '92 Laser, looks good!


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My 87 Monte Carlo SS called, it want's it's interior back. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif


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Hey no cheap shots at the interior.I think its one of the coolest of the 1g's and the next one I buy will be just like this.


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That interior owns your face! It grows on you. Honestly.

The ECU has been swapped out for a working one. Simple problem with a simple fix. :)