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FS: 91 vr4 394/2000 Gaithersburg, Maryland "2000"

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Let me first say there are a lot of good parts still on the car. The motor has 148k with a lot more life left. About 4 months ago I had a brand new cylinder head installed and of course had all the belts changed timing etc. The front calipers, transmission and clutch are worthless and is part of the reason why my patience is just done. The body is rough with several dings. The front windshield is cracked and at the present time there is a blue vr4 bumper instead of the black one. The front seats are a little worn but the back are damn near perfect! I know I might be forgetting something but that’s about it. Oh it doesn’t have a sunroof and the 4ws is still working. BTW the car is set on stock boost and like my mechanic asked me why put these mods on the car and “A” not drive it and “B” not raise the boost.

Here are the mods or the worthwhile parts
Tinted Windows
ARP Head Studs
Mitshi 4 layer Head gasket or whatever they sale
JDM Amber corners
Amber turn signals
93 Headlights
Custom grill
Evo 8 Springs
Kyb adjustable rear struts
Battery Relocated to the trunk
Evo 8 Injectors
2.25 piping with eBay SS Bov
EBay 16g “I have had this for four years with no problems”
Crossed drilled front rotors
Boost Gauge with pod
Palm IIIc with data logging cable “inside the car”
3’’ exhaust but only from the end of the down pipe to the muffler is worth anything. I do have the down pipe but it’s banged up a bit.
2g manifold
Aluminum Head Shield
Walbro Fuel Pump
Aero motive FPR
Extra Turbo ECU
Extra Radiator
Cross Drill Rotors “not installed”
2 dash pods from a GSX not installed
New Oil Pan "the old needs to be changed"

I will take some more updated pictures tomorrow. These are the only ones on my hard drive.

Contact info 240 498 5394 or [email protected] or PM me here

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Close this up its gonna be parted out! Anyone need parts let me know I am starting a part out thread now.

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