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FS: 91 mirage, Wisconsin $300


Well-known member
I dont want to do it but my bank accouts tellin me I need to. I have a 91 mitsubishi mirage that I was going to put a 4g63 into. The interior is completely gutted but I have 2 dashes for it. The engine bay is gutted and ready to start the swap. The car was automatic, but I have some of the parts to convert it to 5-speed. The bodys in pretty good shape, a couple small dents and very little surface rust. There is 1 rust hole in the engine bay. Im looking to get $300 for it. Clean title. Ill get pics up later.


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Awaiting Pics /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Heres the pics. I have the hood, bumper, headlights and side markers, there just obviously off. The cars up against the wall so I cant get any pics of the drivers side but it looks just like the passenger side. Ill throw in the half shafts that came with the car, also the original wiring harness. and whatever random parts I have for the car, not much though.








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DRAG CAR! My wife would kill me if she saw me looking at this. This is just what I have been thinking of for a light weight drag car. I need to get more space for this kind of stuff.