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FS: 91 Galant Vr4 483/2000 5,250 OBO Location Mooresville Nc

91 Galant vr4 483/2000
Nile Black, Black leather interior
motor has 45k miles body has 186,000
Location: Mooresville NC 28115 Willing to drive to meet.
I am the second owner of the vehicle i have every maintence record for the car since it was bought new from the factory
Clean title
New parts:
Motor direct from Japan
Head Brand new casting valves ect
t-belt, water pump and tensioner pullies all brand new
Multi layer metal head gasket
Arp head studs
2g exhuast mani
and k&N
greddy Turbo timer
auto meter phantom boost gauge
dejon tool boost controller
Transfer case is new with the motor along with the transmission
new pads rotors and break lines
Tires are new but they are snow tires
comes with roof rack and the slots to put in if you would like to remove the roof rack
also comes with the rare key chain that has the car number on it..
also the Aws unit is new
all documents and more pics avalible if wanted..

The bad:
the car is 16 years old the front bumper needs some paint and a turn signal lens the car has some scratches but nothing big paints still glossy and looks great.
small tear in the drivers seat.. about the size of a dime
cv boots need replaced joints are good they don't click just tore outer drivers side and inner passenger side..
also needs a clutch.. the clutch in it is new put in by the previous owner but an NT clutch car drives fine just slips under boost in 3rd gear.

Other than that the car is is great and ready for mods or to be kept completely stock as i do still have every factory piece for this car.

contact me here [email protected] or just pm me
asking 5250 or a possible trade for a 2g awd w/ decent millage.
more pics avalible at




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the car is alot cleaner than it appears in pictures wish i had a better camera ive since removed the roof racks but they still come with the car.

and for the 1g it would half to be a nice one /ubbthreads/images//graemlins/smile.gif

if the price is to high let me know

Thanks Dean.

Yeah Jesse, Im sure my 1g falls under the category of clean /ubbthreads/images//graemlins/smile.gif

Not sure I could part ways with it though.

Is the title clean? working ac? any leaks? any problems other than listed?

Titles clean, no leaks a/c works but the belt broke i have a new one just havnt put it on yet. its already been retrofitted to 134a.


sorry will empty it..

also just got new tires, and have since hooked up a data logger car runs great.. w/ 0 counts of knock up to 6500


same price.

cars my daily driver.. i don't see how it would be fair to charge for maintence