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FS: 91 Black VR4 1829/2000 Newark, DE $4,200


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1991 Nile black VR4. 1829/2000. 138,000 on the body. First off, this car had a small fuel fire under the hood 2 years ago. so the insurance company decided it was totaled. I bought it back and replaced everything the fire touched. Had it reinspected and now has a "reconstruted vehicle" title. It now has a JDM engine in it(with less than 1k miles). I really dont have any leisure time for it anymore. It just sits, so I'm hoping someone can do better with it.The car has no sunroof. The leather is perfect. Here are a list of the mods.
-Forced Performance 18g ported and clipped (1k miles)
-3" Buschar turbo back exhaust with no cat
-FMIC with 2.5" tubing
-Dejon intake
-Full throttle AFPR
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-RC 660 injectors
-GM maf and translator
-Turbo xs boost controller
-Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (less than 1k miles,still havent launched it)
-Autometer Boost and Air/Fuel gauges
-Yokohama 225/55/15 tires (1k miles)
-abs removed
-ac removed
-cruise control removed
-relocated battery to trunk
-matching keyfob!!


wow a vr4 less than 15 minutes from me. what are the odds. i'm not really in the best position to buy another car right now, but i may have to see what i can do. when do you think i could come take a look at it? who did the swap? where are you in newark? i'm in hockessin. never seen you around, and i'm in newark alot. you have any interior pictures?
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hey i got the pics in your email. could you PM me your phone number please? id like to talk more about it. thanks!

this is seriously one fantastic car. i especially love the bushur exhaust. if i had the cash hands down i'd fly out and drive it home. good luck with the sale man!