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FS: 91' Black Galant VR4 (418/1000) Miami, FL $2500


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For sale a 91' Galant VR4 number 418/1000 non-sunroof car...

I purchased the car incomplete about a year and a half ago with the intent to resort the car for a cool daily/weekend car. Since then I have purchased a new home, my first son was born and find myself with very little time to work on the car. I love the car and love Mitsubishi's, but I am realistic in the fact that my family is more important right now to me.

The car was purchased with the following mods:
- Manley Piston
- Manley Rods
- FP Turbo Manifold
- FP3065 Turbocharger w/ external tial gate
- BC272/272 Camshafts
- ECM link V3
- Mangus V3 cast intake manifold

The modifications completed by me
- Fuel lab -6an fuel filter
- Fuel lab adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- New braided -6an fuel feed
- Fuel lab fuel pressure gauge
- Evo III radiator with custom Flex-a-lite fan and shroud
- Custom inter cooler
- Custom inter cooler piping
- Deleted the FIAV
- Replaced coolant temp sensor
- Replaced idle air control valve
- Tune up: plugs, wires, fluids
- Fixed small oil pan leak
- Repaired some damage to wiring
- 750CC FIC Injectors
- replaced front brake pads

The good:

The car runs and drives great, has no gear grinds, working power steering and working aws. It idles strong at 950 rpm pulls great and gets fairly good mileage for a car its age with its modifications. I drive the car about two to three times a week about 75 miles a week just to keep it moving.

The bad:

The car need some cosmetic work along with suspension work. Included in the sale I have new ball joints, tie rods, end links, control arm bushings, wheel bearings, wheel seal, cv boots, caliper rebuild kit and few other odds and ends. Again the goal for the car was for it to be a reliable daily/weekend car that why I was going to replace ever wear item.

If you have any questions or just want to converse about the car feel free to call me at 786-457-8945 my name is Glenn, Enjoy the pictures below.


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If the car runs and drives like you said, this is a great deal.

Any rust?


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why do i keep seeing these deals just a little to far for my own good. this is a great price and i wish i could just buy the car. GLWS i hope it goes to a loving and deserving home.


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I'm feeling the exact same way, ugh so close


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Well, Im going to take my time with this one a little more than I did with #139/1000 where I was in a giant rush to drive it. Probably take entire suspension out of the car this spring...clean & paint everything....and do all the bushings/bearings/shocks/brakes that the current owner was planning to do...all in one shot so it doesn't have to come apart again after that


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I am glad that Nate is getting the car. I know that he will complete what I started and really make it the car that mitsubihsi intended it to be. Ifyou guys have any other question feel free to ask I am hoping that Nate will start a build theard for this car so I can follow it as it grows



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hahaha my last build thread got a little crazy, but man it's fun to look back on. I will certainly be doing the same this time.

I may be "toning it down a little bit" though in the power deptment though...I don't really need a 550hp daily driver...375-400 would be ideally suited to what Im going to use the car for ...FUN!!!! Im thinking I'd like to swap the big 35R size turbo for something more suited to autox or back=road blasting....maybe an FP68HTA. Still enough airflow to crank it up and go in the mid 11's at the dragstrip on good fuel, and also spools up like a bastard at 3000 to make some serious torque.

Specifically want to build this car to be stone reliable, everyday driver, that I can stick my kids in the back seat and go to the track on a friday night. make a couple respectable passes and turn some heads...and not have it be a big deal with truck/trailer. I already went through the "lets build a 10 sec car and try to drive it everyday" and it's too much compromise and too hard to keep it reliably together.

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I'm very jealous. I am going to FL next weekend on vacation and when I saw this ad this morning I got really excited. I'm looking for a VR4 without a sunroof but I too am glad Nate grabbed it. Can't wait to see how it comes along.


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Nate you got a PM.


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Ok , I got the car home all nice/nice to New Jersey with my total trip with SUV/Trailer/Family hitting 3060miles and 62+ hours of driving time! wow...that's a lot of cruising to pick up a GVR4! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif - none can question my dedication to the GVR4 cause now!!!!!

anyway....had to stick the car in my attached garage at home so the water in motor didn't freeze in NJ's "second winter" that's currently happening. A previous owner cut/welded the thermostat housing and water pipe to delete the heater core, the windshield wipers aren't working.....those things have to get fixed before I can really drive and test the car out much.

Once the title arrives in the mail, I'll get plates (want to see if PARTOUT is available for a New Jersey custom plate) it up to the shop, and get those couple issues fixed. gotta start a build thread.

Goal is to go to Island Dragway in a couple weeks and see what it does with the current engine setup after a few quick setup mods (boost controller hooked up, convert to Speed Density)


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Nate I have a 20G with 4300 miles on it and I have no use for it since my car is gone. You NEED that!

Good luck with her.


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I cant believe I missed this ad. I'm 30 minutes from Miami and I would have bought this in a second. 2500 with all those parts!!!! What a steal.

Surlrised it did not pop up on Miami craigslist.

Hooe the build goes well.


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Rich...Dude, I saw this one literally 14 minutes after it got posted, was immediately on the phone with the intent to lock it down! hahaha I knew if I didn't put a deposit on it within like 20min, someone would snake me. hahaha This is the first time Iv literally just called a guy and said "I'll take it...what's your paypal?" without seeing the car in person, knowing it runs...nothing. sight unseen at asking price with no negotiation at all. hahah

on the flip side...some of the parts are alittle off. It's not an FP turbo...need to pull the intake off and measure it, but there's no coolant lines, it's a 3" inlet To4E housing...I think it's just a generic old school T3T4 stuck in an FP turbine housing. Remains to be seen.

Also no heat...I gotta take the turbo off to change the water pipe behind it because the heater brach was cut off and welded shut. same with Tstat housing. no wipers.

Going to change all the glass....someone took tint off it like years ago and the glue has fogged all the glass...can't seem to get it off.