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FS: 837/2000 Galant VR4 Shell Boise, Idaho $600


Well-known member
Jan 11, 2005
Boise, Idaho
I have my long wanted/dream project up for sale. I've been jobless for too long now and now its time to part ways so I can try to stay afloat.

Ok, story about the galant. I bought it 4+ years ago as a engine fire victum so I could to rebuild it the way I wanted. The hood isn't the one that got burnt, but the DS fender does have a small bubble from where it got heat.Since then I pulled the engine bay all apart and getting ready to repaint the engine bay. Then I pulled the dash to pull the engine harness and AC core. Thats how its still sitting today.

Heres the parts I have for it (and ones to replace the burnt parts);
VR4 front chassis harness
'91 e33 front chassis harness (less alarm wiring, but no foglights)
VR4 engine harness
DSM engine harness
Splice-able DSM Auto tranny harness with correct two plug chipped TCU
Galant auto shifter, cable, and console plate
Galant auto pedal assembly already bolted in with new booster and master cylinder/resivor
Galant manual trans shifter and cables
DSM shifter and base
Non-abs galant brake lines and DSM awd proportioning valve
Used set of '89-92 headlights and turn signals
Uncracked foglights
'89 and '92 griles
5 lug dsm front spindles bolted on
5 lug rear hubs with trailing arms in trunk
3 bolt LSD manual rear diff with axles (not installed)
3 bolt LSD Auto rear diff (not installed)
'93 DSM automatic transmission with shift kit (130k before I removed it myself)
-will need 6 bolt flexplates still
Auto DS half shaft and both CV axles for cores
Auto transfer case
'91 dsm tranny with unknown miles and transfercase

'91 6 bolt turbo motor to go with it. It was in my friends car that he just rebuilt and put 200 miles on. Then it backed the oil filter off of and developed a rod knock on #2 cyl. He bought a new motor so I got this one. I picked up a STD crank to replace it. It didn't spin the bearing so the rod big end was checked out and was still in perfect "roundness". The pistons/rings are 20 over toplines and all original machine work was done by Moffitt and Bratton locally. The block was flushed. I also have new STD crank and rod bearings to put the short block back together. I think I may have a head to throw in too. It will need a oil pump and other timing related parts.

And boxes of engine and underhood parts to put together a full motor or two.

Also with it is a beat factory roof rack with trim strips
Aluminum reproduction 837/2000 plaque with key fob
Double din aluminum dual gauge holder with serial cable holder
'89 black glove box and '89 black DS knee panel with duct
GS no wing trunk
And the leather isn't crack and I make it point still go out and condition it. Its just not as supple as it could be. I don't think any seams are coming apart.
Its plently rollable right now with 4lug spares in the back and 2 of the 4 DSM wheels for the front.

I don't want to part this out. I really want to see someone either finish the auto setup. I'll try and work with someone to get this to a good home. I can clear anything out and take more pictures of what ever you want.
When I bought it:





Got it home:



As it sits now in the back of the shop with its parts all around it:


Well-known member
Jun 2, 2008
Near Seattle, Washington
I just found pics of this car that i'd taken right after i bought it.
They made me sad. That car was almost PERFECT when i paid 1200 for it. It just needed a transmission.
EVERYTHING was stock, and i just drove it.
I drove it home from a party on new year's eve and was about to bang this chick i brought with me when there was a knock on the door... someone telling me "hey i think your car is on fire".
I don't know how this completely stock car caught fire, but it's a shame. The paint was great, the body was great, and the interior was great. Everything worked... i was going to leave it stock and drive the hell out of it. I dont think i had it 4 months before this fire happened. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif


Well-known member
Jun 2, 2008
Near Seattle, Washington
Did someone buy this?

It's depressing, really... to see this thing still sitting like this.
I hope that someone brings it back to life. 90% of the sh*t that needed replaced due to fire is available in junkyards for what shouldn't be a whole lot of money.

I still have scars on my hand from putting out that fire. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bawling.gif


Well-known member
Apr 29, 2001
Yakima, WA
Co-worker of mine is supposedly headed to Idaho tomorrow to trailer this thing back home to Tri Cities. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Well-known member
Jun 2, 2008
Near Seattle, Washington
Best of luck with it! I sure hope this thing ends up back on the road. Structurally, it should be good. It came from Wyoming, to SLC, up to Boise, and now to TC, i guess.

It is probably a good candidate for a non ABS swap, deleted 4ws, and stripped out engine bay monster. It could use a little paint now, but I think it was a solid car when i had it.

I believe i provided some wiring harnesses with it when i sold it. I hope they've been passed along and you can get everything working.

The fire seems to have started around the FPR and coilpack. The struts and tops were swapped in from 1411 after the fire, as it had upgraded suspension. I'm not sure if it had rear AGX's, but i kept the front ones before selling. Count your lucky stars that i've already done all the "dirty work". I still have injectors with black sh*t caked on them, and scars on my right hand from putting out the fire as quickly as possible.

I know it will need a new master cylinder, and probably brake booster. Nate Crisman may have these parts currently, as he's parting out a white GVR4 that succumbed to extreme rust.

Any more questions about the car, feel free to contact me thru here, or email me at [email protected]
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