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FS: 1992 GVR4 Boston MA $3300

Mitsubishi Galant Vr4 178/1000
Body has 174000
Boston area
Price $3300

Blown Motor.From oil pump failure. Never overheated
Shepard 5 Speed trans with low miles maybe 5k Shifts perfect
Turbo works Great
HKS 264 cams
95 ported manifold
Evo 02 housing
Fic 550's
BR 190 fuel pump
BR mbc
DSS FMIC gd up to 600hp I was told
NEW ACT 2600
XACT flywheel
boost gauge 0-30
Bullet Exhaust 3" from down pipe no cat
Talon short throw
Talon 4 bolt rear end
Rare Black Roja light weight rims 17" with good Sunny's
KYB adjustable suspension
New brake lines with braided in the back
New center support bearing
AWS deleted on the rear sub frame when i installed the talon one.

Im sure there is more.

Body is in ok shape.Not rotted anywhere, No real rust, car was once from FL. Not perfect tho, little dings and dents. Nothing major. Missing some plastics have most tho. I put weight reduced rear doors, no skins and cant roll down windows. Interior is awesome. Front and Rear seats are nice. The front work as they should. All gauges work fine too. Sunroof works fine. Ok sound system. Most likely wont come with subs. AWD works very good. Car handles awsome with this set up.It is not lowered because i think NE roads are to harsh, but the shocks really take up alot of the roll and handle bumps real nice as well. I never even really got to drive it hard yet. Tonight was the first launch i ever did . Motor ran Good till tonight. I did a little launch at like 4 grand and then it started to tick. About 5 miles later boom oil everywhere. Its what ever I'm not a huge Japanese car person. Ill build something new. I know parts for these cars are hard to come by. I will part this out if no one can come close to my offer. More then $4000 in the parts alone. I also have 2 more set of tires, Gravel Ralley tires on stock rims, and a perfect set of all season tires on OEM VR4 rims. A lot of these parts are from Tak's Galant.

Let me know. I dont bull sh!t i know the deal. Its a well built car just not for me so i wont put an engine in, which isn't even that much work. If you want to offer a trade. I am looking for a decent ford or chevy plow truck reacdy to go. Can be older but worth it. No Dodges. Must be 4x4. 1500 / 2500 / F 150 / F 250 . Cant be too big. I also have a 1996 CBR 900 RR for sale For around $2500.

click Should link you to a bike. I can have a little money to trade up as well . Let me know Thank you.

[email protected]
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Sep 10, 2007
Portland, OR
Quoting Ghost5:
I have posted this before but it either it gets deleted or i cant find it. Not sure whats going on.Not braking any rules that im aware of.. Here it is for that last time. If there is a problem tell me so i can fix it. Thank you.

Look at the "Rules for Posting" and all the other threads on here. Notice the vehicle LOCATION and PRICE in the title?!?
GL with the sale...
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May 17, 2007
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also you have a typo in the title anyway, "174/100" think you meant "174/1000".

This car is sold. Thank you for the help.
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