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FS: 1992 Galant VR-4 - Near Louisville, KY - $2800o.b.o.

Unfortunately due to having to buy a shep trans for my other car, I have to sell the galant. (upcoming school bills don't help either) The price is almost exactly what I paid for the trans - $2800. I'm already losing money and don't want to lose anymore, but any reasonable offers will be considered. No Trades. Here's some info...

1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 #937/1000
Clean Title

Here's the good stuff:

750cc Fuel Injectors
Stock 14b turbo
2g exhaust manifold
-8an Fuel Lines (Tank to Fuel Rail)
OBX Adjustable FPR
ebay FMIC (painted black)
2g MAF
Crossfire 6x9's
GReddy BOV
GReddy Boost Gauge (bar)
Autometer Water Temp Gauge
Gauge Pod
HKS Turbo Timer
KYB Struts, not sure about springs
Battery relocated to trunk
ACT 2100 Clutch
2 new tires
Interior is in pretty good shape with exception of small tear in backseat (visible in pics)

And here's the bad stuff:

Some dents and dings
Rear brakes are locked up (they worked when I drove it everyday)
E-Brake doesn't work
IC piping needs to be redone
No A/C, at least no condenser and maybe a line
No P/S, leaks somewhere in rear - All-Wheel Steering components still on
2"-3" section of exhaust missing in middle of car (installed new downpipe)
CD player is a pos, but works
Trunk interior not in great shape

I got the car about 8-9 months ago from a friend in Michigan. He said that the motor was rebuilt by a local shop, not performance or anything, about 20-30,000 miles ago. No receipts or anything, but he has no reason to lie.

My initial plans were to fix the small stuff wrong with it and use it for a nice and fun daily driver, which actually, it was my only car for about 4-5 months and I never had any major problems with it, and it was very fun to drive. I drove it from work to school and back home so probably about 50 miles a day. I didn't renew the tags/insurance on it a while back (cuz im broke) so I haven't driven it a lot lately, but just about every weekend I start it and take up and down the road.

I wanted to redo and/or fix a few things before I sold it, but just do not have the time. It needs a little bit of work/tlc, but there's no reason you couldn't drive it everyday. That being said, it is a DSM so I probably wouldn't take it on any cross country trips.

Other than that, this is a VERY fun car to drive and pulls pretty good, probably better than most would expect with the 14b. I'm sure i've forgotten some of the aftermarket parts it has and probably some other problems, but here are some pics...


Also included with the car are the following GVR4 parts (all are same color):

2 Front doors w/ regulators, panels, windows...
1 Rear Door (1 is spoken for)
2 Front Fenders
Trunk Lid
Side Skirts
Other pieces at bottom of Front Doors (can't remember what its called)

Once again, the price is $2,800 o.b.o.

Contact number is 502-819-6815, email at [email protected]
Car is located near Sellersburg, IN, 15min. from Louisville, KY

- Adam


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u still got it?