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FS: 1991 VR-4 bay area, CA $1300, 155k runs great! SOLD!

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The car is lowered on sportlines with stock shocks. 2 tires need replacing. It has an exhaust leak pre-cat. The interior has tears on the drivers seat and a tear on the upper part of the rear seat. The roof is wavy, and the previous owner swiped a pole at a gas station which put a nice dent on the rear drivers side door and a little one on the quarter panel. The turbo is a T-25 which is on its way out and is burning a good amount of oil. The power mirrors dont work, and the a/c need recharging. All fluids need to be replaced. It needs a new front windshield. These are all the bads.

Now, the good news is the cars smog is good until sept 2nd (Tuesday). It runs great and the transmission shifts nicely. The previous owner had a cyclone long block put in as well as a new clutch. It still has all its original features ; p/s, p/w, a/c, aws/awd.

I also have a pair of volk TE37s I can throw in for a decent price.

The car is in milpitas and I am available all weekend if you want to swing buy and check it out.

My cell is 408 836 7933



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Jan 26, 2005
Los Angeles, Ca
whats up with the ic piping?? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Previous owner put a T25 on it and that was the best way they could rig something up I guess. I wish I had the time to redo alot of stuff on this car. I just can't as I have the talon to worry about. I will trade this car for a nice Garrett 4094R straight across. Yes I am serious. The 1G is on a 9 second path.


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Sep 10, 2007
Portland, OR
This guy ( 42of2000 ) is in Bakersfield and looking for just this type of deal:

Price Range: 1500-3000
Location: so cal
Range: 250 miles
Contact: PM
Details: looking for a car i can turn into a drag only car. I would buy a shell if i had to but i would like a complete car running or not. Body must be in good shape. Interior doesnt matter too much.

You can find his post in the WTB sticky at the top of this section on the second page.


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Aug 26, 2006
Harwinton, CT
pm a size and price for those volk TE37 s shipped to 06790

Quoting carscrash83:
pm a size and price for those volk TE37 s shipped to 06790

I a few people interested in the rims locally. I would rather not ship the wheels.

If you change the 2 tires, I am confident it would make it to LA. I have taken this thing to modesto, sac, stockton without an issue. I used to drive this thing to and from work everyday. I just got tired of driving a UPS truck all day, then having to drive a manual car home. I figure for 10 bucks more a week I could drive my automatic F250 to and from work while having A/C. So the galant was parked. I also had the fear of someone T-Boning it.

Oh, the number on the dash is 1781/2000 incase anyone is wondering.

Remember guys I only have 2 TE37s. 1 has a slight bend on the inner lip but has held ait fine for a year. They both have stretched falken azenis tires on them. They are 14x7 0 offset wheels and clear the front caliper just fine on the VR4.

Im looking to get 300 for the pair.

I tacked down a vendor that sells them for 398 EACH. There is a wait time on them which would be 1-2 months. I just gave up and have been sitting on them for a while.

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