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FS: 1991 gvr4 Aberdeen, SD $4000 OBO

The scoop ;

This car is not a showcar, it's missing the passenger rear dodleg, the roof has some odd waving and the JDM hood has some dents/creases (vents are undamaged if you want to move them to a cleaner hood). The paint is NOT peeling and looks fantastic after a fresh wash/wax, but it IS a 19 year old car. I busted out the center vents to install gauges & switches but never got to finishing the project. It has 230k miles on the body and rear end/axles, everything else that matters has since been replaced.

When I worked on/drive this car it was a commuter (120 miles a day) and my projects started friday afternoon and had to be finished by sunday evening. Some of the project show this /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif mainly the battery relocation and temporary that became permanent trunk guts with the battery/amd/speakers. I fired it up last year and drove it 400 miles from MN to SD when I moved. I fell in love with the car all over again but I just don't have the time. I also need to keep my lisence for my current job which is not something I see happening if I get this car into my life again.

This car NEEDS rotors and the radiator fan fuse keeps blowing and the fan for the heater needs replaced. I replaced the relays and wiring for the rad-fan to no avail. I might have screwed up when wiring, or maybe it needs a new fan. I probably forgot a lot on the mod list below and I do have a ton of parts and a ZEX wet kit that might or might not go with the car depending on the final price. I will add some pictures later in the week when my daughter comes back from vacation with my camera. I just wanted to put this out here since I keep forgetting

Some info :

VR4 RS motor with ported big 16g (purchased from Jesse)
91 Talon/Eclipse tranny and exfer case (purchased from Harry)
ported exhaust mani
ported o2
Rebuilt driveshaft
H&R springs and KYB struts all around

^^^^^ Above items are all with < 15k after install ^^^^^

2 stage water injection (set at 5 & 15psi)
MAF translator with 3.5" MAF
3" turboback exhaust w/ big fartcan
walbro 255 pump
AFPR (forgot the brand)
720 injectors
Socketed and keydiver chipped ecu
Set of 15" enkei's with green diamond snow tires
Large FMIC (forgot who makes 'm, the ones Jesse sells on here)
replaced heat exchanger (oil/water mixer) with an external oil cooler w/ braided lines
Removed a/c
rebuilt 90amp alternator w/ less then 1k miles

If you have any questions feel free to call or email.

email : [email protected]
phone : 605-262-1081

edit : remembered some stuff
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Staff member
Sep 11, 2003
Orange County, NY
Please add some pics, its been a week.



hey i am also from aberdeen and i dont think i have ever seen this car around! and this is a small town.. im gonna give you a call and check this thing out.

Aside from being parked in a hotel parking lot for a few weeks it's been garaged. I will be able to put up some pics this thursday.


Well-known member
Aug 7, 2007
Franklin, NC
Damn...there went my hope of being the only VR4 in SD.

Same thing though, i'm gonna come look at this too. Might have to sell the Talon and get a new DD.