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FS: 1991 GVR4 1803/2000 RHD Shell, MA, $1500


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After discovering some things that I don't particularly like about this car, I am putting it up for sale. I'm selling it much like I got it, except the broken windshield is now removed. Other than that, its the same rolling RHD shell that you have probably seen before without any additional parts. If it doesn't sell, I will just continue working on it (and convert it to LHD again), but I know a few people here may be interested in it, so I figured I would offer it to others who like it more than I do. I don't want to be involved with shipping it, so if you want it, you will have to show up with cash and a trailer. I'm in northern, central, Massachusetts btw...

Here are the truths about it.

- It's Galant #1803 of 2000
- It has a clean MA title in my name.
- It has nice white paint, and a very straight body because it was painted several years ago.
- No sunroof - more rare!
- Where the hood meets the fenders near the windshield, the paint is chipped on both. Apparently somebody tried to install the hood with a chainsaw instead of a ratchet.
- It was converted to RHD probably around 2002. I'm confident that it hasn't driven since. That means that the firewall was swapped out. It was done in a pretty clean fashion, though not up to my insane nicer-than-factory standards.
- It has zero rust in the rockers, quarters or fenders. Just nice paint.
- The floor pan under the front seats is pushed up, which is apparently common on these for some reason.
- The Left rear quarter has been replaced before, but it was done very nicely, even to my high standards.
- The rear window area, on the driver side, inside the trunk has rusty areas, which apparently leaked water inside the trunk for a while, and cause a small section of the trunk floor to rot out. So that's great (sarcasm).
- The front bumper is missing, and was supposed to come with it when I got it, but that didn't really work out, so you'll need to find one.
- A section of the passenger side lower radiator support is cut out, presumably for intercooler piping. You can see this in the pics.
- it is missing all the RHD HVAC parts, and the RHD dash is thrashed up badly.
- It still has the LHD door panels
- Its a shell, assume it needs everything.

What is included with the shell you ask? Not much, pretty much what you see in these pictures.
- Seats with tears in them
- RHD brake master cyl, clutch master cyl, RHD pedals.
- Most of the wiring from what I can tell, though some looks modified.
- headlights & usable grille

In my opinion, this would make a lovely race car. If you want to make a super awesome street car like I would want, it is an epic amount of work. A race car on the other hand would be no big deal.

$1500 or trade me something interesting. A non-rusty LHD shell? A different car? FD RX7 stuff? A cool engine? Old GM Stuff? Interesting tools? I'm open to all ideas. Try me.






And a link to the "build" link
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Mods are gonna yehl at you b/c of the title.



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Thanks for the tip. I corrected it to the best of my ability /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I would also consider selling just the rhd parts by themselves too if anybody wants to rhd their car instead.


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I have the 2 rhd front door panels and rhd center console... .to help with the sale


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This would be such a sweet lil street car if someone wood just take the time to finish it up, but I have a feeling nobody is going to though. Poor car. I would take it if it was closer.


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It would be a cool street car, but it really needs a hellacious amount of work and the financial investment doesn't make sense. My guess is that it won't sell, and I will slowly pick away at it for the rest of my life. Then when it is complete, it will be worth about 4000, and I will wonder what I had done with my life. OR... I could get silly and turn it into my "anti build" hotrod with lots of aluminum a chopped roof and other silliness. Somebody should buy it before I do something dumb with it.

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i love fifa 14!!!!!


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This car is still available, but since nobody seems to want it, I will be converting it to LHD soon.

Would anybody want to buy all the RHD parts that I have for $750 or make me an offer/trade?
- nice looking subframe
- steering rack
- firewall cut out
- firewall pad (engine side)
- dash shell (rough shape)
- Instrument cluster
- *I believe* some dash / interior wiring (I have to double check to see if it is RHD or not)
- hood latch
- brake master cyl
- clutch master cyl
- pedals
- a few other small misc RHD items
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Still have this! You should buy this today to celebrate Black Friday!!


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For reference - Here are a few things that I would consider partial/completely trading this car for:

- Newer GM V8's 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, 6.2
- A 93+ RX7 13B
- A car lift
- Maybe a large tool box?
- A planishing hammer (of equal value)
- Maybe some Volk's that would fit a 93 RX7?
- Other interesting things that a car-guy might enjoy? Stuff with engines?

Also worth noting:
- I did a carfax on this today and found that it hasn't been registered since 2001.
- I have everything to convert this to LHD that I could include for the right price/trade.
- I also have nearly every other part that this car needs, other than the engine itself that I could possibly include for the right price/trade.
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Still have this. Anybody want to throw an offer out there for the whole thing or RHD stuff?


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I created a Trackmyvin page -> click for this car with all the pictures (50 of them!) and history that I have gathered over the past few months. You can see the floors, interior, rockers, trunk rust, firewall, etc. If anybody wants more pictures of anything, let me know.
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PM me any questions you have about it. My immediately thought is: It isn't worth shipping to Virginia.
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I can't believe you are having such a hard time selling this car! It is super clean in person!

As for shipping, North/South on east cost shipping is CHEAP because of all the snowbirds, going to/from Florida! It will be at its cheapest in the spring when everyone will have cars shipped NORTH, since these guys will have to come down SOUTH with empty trailers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif.


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By then it will be left hand drive again and have a full interior, and possibly a drivetrain. Then it will be once of the cleanest drivable VR4's in the north east!


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Anybody want some or all of the RHD parts once I remove them all? The price will keep dropping until I take them to the scrap metal man.

Today's price for all leftover RHD parts when I'm done (see list of parts several posts above): $500


what all is left over? I see the original post is rather old but I am just wondering. I have two gm SB 350 block, crank plus cash ..pretty much enough to make a great long block.