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FS: 1991 Galant Vr4


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I have a 1991 Galant Vr4 (579/2000) that is stock (Nile Black). I used all OE parts to replace defective parts. My goal was to make a dependable Vr4 for a daily driver. I have other projects that require my attention and I am trying to free up some space and work load. I have put a lot of work and time into this car to make sure everything is done correctly. The car pulls great for stock and the AWS works well. Below is some information on the car:

Cylinder Compression -- (factory-164 psi)
Cyl 1 -- 155 psi
Cyl 2 -- 155 psi
Cyl 3 -- 160 psi
Cyl 4 -- 155 psi

Cylinder Leak Down Test (results shown are indicating good sealing surfaces)
Cyl 1-- 87%
Cyl 2-- 89%
Cyl 3-- 86%
Cyl 4-- 85%

Recently replaced:
-All Rotors (Rybesto)
-All Pads (Rybesto)
-Brake master cylinder (Reman)
-All new brake fluid (DOT 3)
-Brake booster (OEM)
-Front strut mounts (KYB)
-Rear shocks (KYB)
-Shifter bushings (Mitsu)
-Alternator belt (Mitsu)
-Plugs (NGK (.029 Gap))
-Wires (NGK)
- o2 Sensor (Denso)
-Valve cover gasket (Felpro)
-Throttle body shaft seals (Mitsu)
-Injector seals (Mitsu)
-Rear half shafts (Mitsu)
-New Injector on cylinder number 2 (OE)
-Coil Pack (OE)
-Fuel Pump (OE)
-New Passenger Side Control Arm with ball joint (Precision)
-New Driver side Control Arm with ball joint (Prescesion)
-New Passenger side wheel bearing (dealer installed. Brand unknown)

There are some problems with the car still. They aren't huge problems but I'm not going to try and hide them from anyone.

- Pulls to the left.

-Front right ABS sensor was not working properly. It would kick the abs on when it wasn't necessary so for now, I just pulled the fuse so I can stop without the ABS kicking in. Because of this, whenever the car is over 15 mph and you are in neutral, the rpms will rise (approx 2300 rpm).

-There is a little damage in the back right panel and door. I bought it like this with intentions on fixing it. I am not a body guy so I was putting that off until last.

-The car has started everytime but once the entire time I owned it (besides a dead battery from sitting for a while). I unplugged the battery and plugged it back up after letting it sit and it fired back up. Ran just fine after starting it including driving home.

-The auto locks work fine. They were annoying me so I decided to pull the fuse. (10 amp)

The previous owner said the head was replaced on it before he got it, I cannot confirm this as I never saw any receipts. The car has 215K on it. The car has almost no rust on it and under it.

That is all that is wrong with the car mechanically and body wise that I know of currently. This is a 1991 vehicle...If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or call. I would like to get $3,000 for this car. If you don't like the price, feel free to shoot me an offer. I have a clean and clear title to the car in my name. Thank you for looking.




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Sounds good. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know I will try to respond to them as quickly as possible.


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I sent you a return message, please let me know on here if you do not receive it.


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They sent each other pm's and returned each others pm's.


Where are you located ?


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The car has sold. Thank you for all your expressed interest.