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FS: 1991 Galant VR4 Denver, Co $5500/obo

This ad was written by biglady112. I am helping Taka(the owner of this screen name post here).

I am not sure of the number right off hand as the dash plaque is gone. I will look tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I am posting this for a friend. He is moving back to Japan in the next few weeks so he would like to leave the car with another enthusiast.

This car is very clean. Still on the factory engine. Taka has been driving this car for 7 years. It has been his only car while here in america. Car is a colorado car as far as he knows. Car is nile black in color. Still has a working air conditioner, working all wheel steering and the rest of the accessories for that matter. I am going to go and look at the car tomorrow to give it a thorough look over. I can report back anything else that I may see than.

This is the list that Taka has given me so far tonight.

Unknown number of 2000?
18g turbo
Stock intercooler system
Axis 17" gold wheels
Apex Super AFC & AVC-R
Need to see if it is a 2.5" or 3" downpipe
H&R Springs
KYB AGX adjustable shocks
K&N Filter
Upgraded LED lights front, side, and inside
MOMO Competition steering wheel
MOMO RACE Airleather shift knob
Sidewinder security system
Upgraded plug wires(know tomorrow)
Rebuilt head last year
New tires
New stock clutch
New muffler
New ISC motor
New alternator
New windshield
New brakes
New master cylinder

He spent somewhere near $5000 in repairs and maintainence he said.

He is going to start an asking price of $5500/obo

His name is Taka Kasuga
[email protected]

The VIN is JA3CX56U0MZ012343
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Also guys, if the price is too high let us know. Taka thought maybe $6000 to start, but he wasn't really sure on how the market is and how his car would compare. If you have a better idea of where the car might stand let us know. I haven't looked at galants in about two years. So I am not sure what the market determines.



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hey, what up taka? i'll give you a call here in a day or two so you can check out the cars. also do you have bigger pics?


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Hmmm, interested in NM.
Did the car pass the CO smog tests? We have emission sniffer here in ABQ and the car could not be registered with a dirty tailpipe.

Colorado have emission test. I never trouble emission test. This car has catalytic converter and tailpipe put silencer too. Should be no problem.


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car is very nice, seen it in person at the track.


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Thank you Taka-san for information.
I may have friend in Denver contact you and look at car. I also work for Nikon semiconductor and have access to Japanese translator if communication is difficult ( you know more English than I do Japanese ).

You are welcome Mike-san! (Do-itashi mashite!). It's a small world. I hope to contact to me ASAP. I don't have much time. I hope to see you soon or talk to you soon.


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I am working hard for you Taka. I have sent three or four people your way. I hope you are getting the emails.



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how many miles on this car?

Now I just check 198367 mile. Last year (189000 mile) rebuilt head new timing belt new hoses....a lot restores. I bought 7years ago was (124644mile). Just using for commuting, no racing. Now best condition.


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Hi Taka-san, I tried calling today with no luck.
No worries, my questions are what is ISC motor ( listed in first post )? How long until you return to Japan? Is the car good for travel from Denver to Albuquerque ( 450 miles )?
I also passed your phone number to a friend in Denver/Westminster, he may contact you to view the car for me. His name is Bob.
Thank you for any information.
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I am Sorry. I was out. I hope talk you soon. Please check your mail. I sent mail.

I don't want to sell separately.
I spent around $1300. If I sell 50% off $650. 2 tire is no good discount -$100.
Axis seven 17x7 (the Fast and the Furious Eclipse using 18' sliver one)



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Sorry for delay Taka-san, sending PM now.