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FS: 1991 Galant VR4 255/2000 ***SOLD***

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1991 Galant VR4 #255 of 2000

200K miles
Rebuilt stock engine with new bearings, rings, ARP head studs, and polished crank. 5K miles
Ground control coil-overs on AGX adjustables
EVO FMIC w/ 2.5" SS pipes
16G turbo
Griffen radiator w/spal fan
Working Cyclone intake
RC 550's
BM FPR (43 base PSI)
EVO fuel pump
17" aluminum wheels
Winter steelies w/ Hakka's
rear PS capped off.
new front brakes.
SS brake lines
Carbon Fiber hood
2.5" turbo back Exhaust with dummy cat.
ported O2 housing
2G exhaust manifold.
good shifting transmission
ACT 2100 less then 5K on disk

The pictures in the add are of the car about this time last year. It does not look as clean as it has gone through last winter and then sat all summer. Some of the parts were moved between the One Lap VR4 and this car and then returned when the event was over. It is complete and everything is there and working. One of the dog leg trim pieces fell off last winter but I have that just never put it back on. This car has some rust issues and I do not want to drive it anymore. It had leaked water around the windshield allowing water to travel down the inside of the a-pillar and into the front passenger corner of the car. I suspect its pretty crusty.

But it has all the parts and if you are inclined to put the work into it go for it. I spent a couple of hours chasing down its issues and only found a sketchy SAFC install that I fixed. I expected that to resolve its running issue but it didn't and I don't have the time for it anymore. If that would have fixed it I would have driven it this winter and then sent it to the crusher after a part-out in the spring.

I am in the middle of a DSM purging in an effort to get my garage back and get some cash for the 2010 One Lap. I currently have 3 cars, the One Lap VR4, the shell of my track GSX, and this VR4. Too many cars not enough room in the garage.

The car is being sold "as is"
$2000 OBO

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This is my weekly bump up and I forgot to add a few parts to the list.

Carbon Fiber hood w/pins
Knock Box display (rpm, knock, timing advance)
16g turbo is clipped
rebuilt rear calipers
1 new rear parking brake cable on car
the other is on the bench
RM rear sway bar

This car has everything you would need to put together a tasty street car. Ran a 13.8 at 101mph before the FMIC and 2.5" exhaust. Should do low 13's high 12's all day. Currently runs (when it wants to run) 21psi knock free.


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I worked on the car a bit this weekend without a major success. It still does not want to start. It has spark, fuel, good compression (150psi/all4), and the timing belt lines up perfectly. I swapped out the ecu, plugs, MAF, engine temp sensor, coil, igniter, resistor pack, and checked the fuel sock..still does not want to start. If I hook up the battery charger and try for 20 minutes I can get it to catch and then start. It runs like dump but as it warms up I can get it to idle and go down the road. Once its been running it will start pretty easy. If I let it sit overnight it won't start again. The only thing that will help it start is if I clamp off the return line on the fuel pressure regulator. It has fuel pressure gauge on the filter and its showing about 30psi of pressure when I try to start it and only 39psi when I clamp off the return line. So the next step is to replace the fuel pump/filter/lines and see what that does.

I would be interested in a trade for the car. I am in the middle of the purge and I cam trying to get rid of this car and my GSX track car that's just a shell. I need something more family style like a SUV or minivan for the day to day stuff and I am going to keep the One Lap VR4 for my summer car/track days.

I am telling everybody that comes to look at it that it's a running parts car (when it wants to run) and the price more then reflects the part out value.

I am open to reasonable offers and trades but please don't think you can get it for $1000 and waste my time.

trade ya my 89 turbo voyager I have it for sale for 2500 or BO so i would be willing to trade ya off for it... heres a link, its got some more done to it since those pics too, and its all updated in the upgrades/parts list, just no newer pics of it.... click

however if you dont want it, i do have a few people interested in buying it and i would buy your car, let me know and once my van sells its a go!!! Lets work something out man hit me up on my cell 845-283-4072 name is joe


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Still for sale. This weekend its going to get a Supra fuel pump and a 6 AN fuel line from my track car. I think that will fix my hard start issues and if it does I'll just use this as my winter car and part it out in the spring.


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i'll give you $1500 if you meet me half way to Mass, somewhere in CT would be fine....


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"i'll give you $1500 if you meet me half way to Mass, somewhere in CT would be fine...."

I've had a couple of $1500 offers locally that I passed on already. Not to mention that today I fixed a half dozen or so broken or crusty wires and it now runs and starts like it used to. All I have to do is take the Supra pump out and put the evo pump and 550's back in and she'll be ready for the winter. If I can't get my price in the next week I will take it off the market and then part it out in the spring.

^part it out........ /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif

Yea could I get some pics too? [email protected]
So now that you've fixed it, it starts and runs and drives like it should? Or will the fuel pump still need replacing?


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I installed the supra fuel pump and I could only get about 31psi during start-up even though the base fuel pressure is set to 43psi. It would still start but it was popping and missing at idle so I clamped the FPR return hose with a pair of vice grips and the fuel pressure jumped to 40psi and the car smoothed out. The pressure should have gone through the roof so I knew something was up with the fuel filter. I popped a new filter on and bingo my fuel pressure was 43psi again and once warm the car idles good again. I then took the Supra pump back out and put the EVO pump and RC 550's back in. It only took about 5 minutes to tune it and it runs 21psi knock free. It is going to need the TB cleaned and I need to put some miles on it to get it to idle perfect but its getting there.

I found two oil leaks one from the valve cover and the other from the turbo oil return line that I am going to fix today. I also dug up a set of good used rear rotors that will fix the rear brakes and while I'm at it I'll get that other parking brake cable installed too.

Once its mechanically sound again I put a coat of wax on it and clean out the tools from the inside and take some recent pictures. Probably won't make much difference because if it does not sell in the next week or so I will just drive it this winter.

Well i'm very interested I just can't justify spending half of what the car costs on towing it from Roch NY to Storrs CT. I need it to be able to make the trip. And newer pictures would justify the journey there. i dont like surprises /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


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Quoting JStoops:
Well i'm very interested I just can't justify spending half of what the car costs on towing it from Roch NY to Storrs CT. I need it to be able to make the trip. And newer pictures would justify the journey there. i dont like surprises /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

I answered all your questions in the PM I sent you this morning. This is not the car for you.


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Im interested in the car, can you give me your address so I can see how much of a drive (with trailer) it is from NJ. (I went to RIT for a bit, but it's nearly been a decade so I don't remember the route/time/distance)

I also assume the CF hood is not painted white and just not shown in the pics?
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I sent you a PM. The car is located in Penfield NY 14526 which is only 20 minutes from RIT. The CF hood has not been painted but it has hood pin latches installed. The hood is kind of chalky so it needs wax/rub to look 100% again. The hood also does not have squirters so you'll have to add those too.
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