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FS: 1991 Galant VR4 253/2000 chassis, Eugene, OR. $3500

Parting out the Galant. Rolling chassis is for sale.
194K on the clock, rust free, clean title. All of the following parts have been installed less than 3000 miles ago:

DMS Coilovers (were used < 8000 miles before install) $800 (these are over $3000 new).
Rebuilt drive shaft with new yoke, u-joints, carrier bearings, then fully balanced and painted black. $450 parts and labor
New front wheel bearings
New front rotors (drilled) with Metal Master pads $200
New rear pads $50
New ss brake lines, all 8, BLACK $150
New ss clutch line, also black $25
New OEM clutch slave
New brake master cylinder
Front control arms have Whiteline and SuperPro bushings and new ball joints. (whiteline's add caster)
1991 Galant VR4 wheels (white) with Falken 615's $600
Custom Galant VR4 floor mats $150
Leather shift boot
DSG Delrin shift knob (white) $60
New OEM reman'd power steering pump

Prices listed are just for reference, those parts are not for sale individually unless I decide to do a full part-out. There is probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. I'd sell the car whole, but there's just about $25,000 in this car and I only drove it for a few thousand miles. Drivetrain is all brand new, car made 460whp without breaking a sweat and there's plenty left in it. I'd entertain offers on the whole car, but for right now I'm just interested in selling the rolling chassis. Price will be $3500 with all the parts listed above staying on the car. PM/email or call if you have any questions or you want more pictures.

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I have a huge folder of pictures from the work done on the car. If anybody is interested I'll just email them the folder. I don't want to leave nor do I really want to sell this car after putting so much hard work into it. I have a few debts to square up with people and my reputation means more to me than a car. I've spent the last few days dialing the car in on DSMLink V3 and it drives better than ever. Makes me sad /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif I threw up a lot of other parts that can be replaced much easier than this car. I'd like to sell those, have everybody that owes ME money pay up, square all my debts and be able to keep my car that I've spent so much time/energy on...
Sorry for the short rant guys.
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I am sorry man..
I am really sorry to see the situation made you sell your awesome car and I really wish you could find another solution except your great car.