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FS: 1991 Belize Green GVR-4 1334/2000 - $7,000 Montana


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Nov 18, 2003
Dundee, Scotland, UK
I really don't want to sell this car but I have debt and if I can make it go away by selling then it seems foolish of me not to try. It's not perfect but it runs well and I think it has a lot of potential. You can see all of the things I've done to it here on my "Member's Showcase" page. I've run 20 psi on this setup with ZERO issues. It pulls strong to redline through every-gear with only 1 count of nock which consistently shows up at right about 4k rpms. It handles very well for the springs and shocks that it has.

The car has some paint flaws and one dent in the front corner panel. It also has a large section of missing paint on the front bumper on the passenger side. There is a minor wiring issue that caused the ecu not to see the vehicle speed signal. It has been fixed temporarily by bypassing the wire directly to the ecu but a more permanent fix should be done at some point. I've also added a fuel pump resistor pack which allows for a dual stage fuel pump voltage much like that used on evos etc. The engine is in essentially good condition though the compression is a little low on one of the cylinders. There is also a minor oil leak that comes out of the clutch lever window. It is obviously motor oil and not transmission fluid so I suspect the main seal but it is not progressive and I've driven it thousands of miles like this without issues. I have a new seal but I haven't had time to pull the trans and change it.

With the car you would also get the original GVR-4 transmission (which needs rebuilt) and transfer case, and the original 3-bolt rear diff, axles, and axle cups (though the rear steering system, including pump, are completely gone). I've also got a few random 2.5" coil springs from ongoing attempts to get a real handle on the suspension and a set of evo springs as well. I also have the original intake manifold and a set of 17x7 40mm wheels that I ran for a year with my Yokos but which now have no tires one them. You can also have any or all of my assortment of random little parts, nuts, bolts etc. There's a good condition ISC in there and some other things.

I'll add more pics when I get a chance here in a week or so. Feel free to make offers but no low-ballers please. Like I said, I'm not in a hurry to sell. If I can get enough money to take a chunk out of my debt I will but I'm not pushing to move this thing. At this price I will deliver the vehicle basically anywhere in the Western US within say 2-days drive of me.
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