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FS: 1990 Mitubishi Galant $3000


Hello Guys, I am looking to sell my Automatic 1990 Mitsubishi Galant,I still drive it, it still has the original engine and transmission 258000 miles, 5yrs ago I had wanted to retrofit the body of the car into the vr4 style, I had set about buying a lot of Vr4 parts to retro fit the car, a usdm front bumper,Japanese style rear bumper different types of grill, front light foglight and a whole lot of other parts, I have set of good conditioned leather seat, and custom made rear seat with arm rest which has two cup holders, I have lot of parts non are mechanical parts, they are all cosmetic parts to retro fit the car. The car is in fair condition with one rust sport on rocker panel below the left passenger door.

Unfortunately I have grown bored with the idea, so I am looking to sell all the parts, look at it like "the show American pickers" you will be getting a boat load of cosmetic parts All including the car itself I am asking $3000. Now I am open to negotiation so PLEASE feel free to negotiate, when I get some time I am going to try to put all the pics on Photo bucket in the mean time feel free to ask any questions, you might choose to keep the engine and transmission, which are the originals, my number is 609-330-5054, feel free to call or text me anytime, I will be putting all the once post on Photobucket once I figure how it is done, I am in South Jersey, close to the Philadelphia.