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FS: 03 evo 8 78k miles 11,995 cash!! IL


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Up for sale is my 03 evo 8 with 78k miles and it was almost bone stock when I bought it 4 months ago but I have added a few things to mod it tastefully so I will list them now.

Ams small batt kit
works 60m t-body with hp shaft seals
full 3in stainless tbe exhaust/invidia
Exedy twin hd
walbro 255 fp
Previous owner had a shep basic rebuilt transmission out in and it shifts very well with no problems
speedsource front poly motor mount

Interior is absolutely mint and very clean
everything works as it should with no ill problems

I had a red front bumper on it but I sold it and ordered a evo 9 front bumper but when I looked in the box about a month later I found up the dealer screwed up and sent me an evo 8 bumper so now I have a brand new white evo 8 bumper to go with it and you will need to have it painted, I have the mesh and stuff as well as another evo 8 bumper that will go with it as well.
There also is no lip on either of the bumpers but I was just going to get a do luck carbon fiber one but since life threw me a curve ball here I am now forced to sell it which is against my wishes /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

The exterior is in need of a good buffing and there is a dent in each of the pass side doors which may be able to be fixed via pdr but I am not 100% sure on that.
The front tires have seen better days but the rears are good.

This car runs and drives very well and has no issues other than the cel coming on from the rear o2 sensor since there is no cat on it.
So I have disclosed any problem or issue I can think of which is all minor and an easy fix so this is reflected in the price which is well below the book value.

Call me at 217-202-9603 if you are interested




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Title is clean and clear and I also have a copy of the clean carfax report, This car has never been wrecked!





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nice price, a lot of 03's are going for around that price in my area, maybe a little higher, whats the KBB on it?

what book you look at?

I look at mmr and its saying 10k /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

bump for a cool dude.
sell me the lights! hahaa (still dont have a set ha)
good luck with the sale. sucks your getting rid of it.
i agree 10k ya laugh if someone offered me 10k for my 03


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lol i have seen a lot of evo's around here for 10-11k, all of them high ass miles and some have body damage...bleh


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Yea they sell all the time in that range but have salvage titles or salvage history


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hell yha, or a hell of a lot of miles, just saw an 03 with 198,xxx for 10k.

hey this is shane i bought the vr4 galant from scott, my friend mateo was interested in aking a look @ the evo if you could call me when we can come take a look @ the car, thanks. 630-544-9620 p.s. leave a voicemail if i cant answer bc of work.


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Pm sent, I will try to call you today yet.


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11,995 cash and will absolutly not budge on price, This is crazy cheap!! If I can't sell within the next week I am going to trade her in and they are offering me my asking price so either way I will get the price, Just figured someone may wan't a smokin deal on a nice good running evo.


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Just added more pics.

This car will make any drive as there are no issues at all just some minor cosmetic issues but price is insane cheap!

I am getting married very soon and need to sell quick or I may trade it in for a family car daily driver across town at the local dealership so the wife can drive it since she is not a huge fan of the twindisk /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Lol


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Wanna trade for my wife's Chevy Venture minivan plus cash?


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Well I am looking for an acura 3.2 tl or al lexus is300