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FEELER: 91 Nile Black 62/2000 Seattle, 5k


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As some of you may know, I live in New York, but the galant still resides with my parents in Seattle. Some of you also may know that my little brother got into a fender bender with the car a little while ago. I'm posting this feeler thread to explore the option of selling the car to someone here as opposed to the insurance company or shipping the car here.

I bought the car summer of '09 and am the third owner. It started life in Kansas, then was bought by a guy in Seattle who kept it in a garage for a few years and hardly ever drove it. This car has been extremely well taken care of and is almost completely stock. The only things I have done to it is put on modified evo suspension, a custom short shifter, and when fixing the head after the balance shaft belt broke, a 2g exhaust manifold. Everything done to the car has been documented here.

If you have a calendar, then you will be very familiar with my baby as it has been hanging in all of its glory for the month of August. For those of you who don't have a calendar, here are some pictures. NOTE: I am writing this at work, so all the pictures below have been posted elsewhere. I have more pictures on my computer at home if people want more.

When I first got her:


This is how rust free she is... The original exhaust when I took it off last summer:

Pics of the damage from the accident


Sorry I don't have any interior pictures up yet, but I can tell you that it is 9.5/10. No rips in any seams, leather in perfect condition. The only blemish is a stain on the carpet under the passenger seat.

The car has somewhere in the 140k to 150k range I think (will ask my dad exact mileage tonight) and will require a little work to get the damage fixed, but is a worthy investment. Having not seen the damage personally, I can only go off of what my family has told me and apparently the passenger side frame rail has some crumpling. A body shop gave my dad an estimate of $800 to fix it.

I might also add that the car runs and drives. No mechanical damage was incurred by the accident. Please, ask any questions here so everyone can get the answer. I don't want to sell the car, but If the price is right, it may be the best option for me and my parents.


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So why did my post get deleted??


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Because this is not a discussion forum. If you have interest in the car, ask questions or PM the OP.

If you feel the need to comment on pricing, etc., don't.


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Thank you all for looking, but I am going to keep her /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I might have her here in NY in a month or so.

Hey im from nj when u get it here, let me know ill sell my 2001 audi a4 and buy this from u