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Factory "boost gauge" signal?


Hey guys, bought vr4 not running and as I am making progress on getting it back up and going, I am planning ahead for some future things.

One question I have is, what kind of signal does the stock boost gauge get? I know that ECMLink can be used to change the gauge other things besides boost, like knock count.

From reading, it is my understanding that the 6 LEDs cannot be split up to show 2 different things and so I assume it can only have one input signal. So, does it operate off of a 0-1v signal?

I have tried searching and it appears as if the only returns that I get are people saying that its a terrible boost gauge.



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Is there any way to test this boost gauge? I want to use this in my EU Galant, but i dont find many informations about this thing.
There is one wire missing from my ECU connector (PIN3 Turbo Gauge), but are there other things what i need to change?



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supply max 5V to corresponding meter panel for the boost gauge.

if you have a variable resistor, use it to regulate the 5v signal to check each boost gauge LED.


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Thank you. I will try that. I use Pin 23 from the ecu (maf Supply 5V).


I tried it and all led‘s are working;) thx
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Dan D

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It's said to be a terrible boost gauge because it isn't actually one. It is an approximated boost level based on the MAF signal to the ECU. It therefore, only approximates boost in a stock setup where the airflow/pressure correlation is known to the ECU. Change anything affecting airflow and it no longer tells you anything valid.

Better to reprogram it to be a knock gauge or some other functional indicator like which image on a dual imaged ECUs switching between gas and E85 your using.