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New member
This is a great guy I bought some pistons from him.He tried to get them out like he promised but the holiday messed that all up they came in today they were packaged where nothing could mess them up. thanks again


Well-known member
Shipped the interior parts I needed better than I've ever seen some notorious vendors I've dealt with in the past 14 years. Communicated well, and again, have to really compliment the shipping cost, care, and handling. Thanks man.


Well-known member
Crazy fast shipping! Thanks, dude!


Well-known member
Hurray for having three Good guy threads! Could a mod please join them?


Well-known member
Srsly. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif I wasn't sure which one to post in so I went with the most current.


Well-known member
James came by to grab a front and rear subframe for his GVR4. we had a very fun time of tearing it to pieces to get it to fit in the miniature trunk of an IS300 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif

great guy to deal with, very easy going. would do business with him again in a heartbeat!


Active member
I agreed to a deal and he honored it by not selling the items under me when he had a chance. Stand up guy in my opinion and shipped out my items in a timely fashion.

Thank you.


Well-known member
Bought cams, they came in perfect and fast. Thanks CutlassJim.


Well-known member
Yet another solid transaction in the books:

I purchased a set of HotBits DT2s for a great price. Jim disclosed that he'd rebuilt them but has some issues with the collars, and we had a good laugh over how sensitive folks that don't live in the NE or the Rust Belt might have been about a bit of surface rust.

Communication was great, especially about shipping which was quick and the packaging was above par and exactly as I'd have done when shipping valuable parts.

Thanks again, dude!


Well-known member
Bought a braided fuel feed line and adapters. Shipped fast and as advertised. Great seller!!


Well-known member
Great guy to deal with. Item purchased was packaged really nice and sent out fast. Thanks again CutlassJim!


Staff member
Bought a shift knob from CutlassJim, as advertised, arrived safe and sound and was packed well.

Thumbs up for this guy!


Staff member
Sold me a radiator that was in good condition as described, great communication, and packaged like it was a critical component. Shipped fast and packed super well!