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Clarence's 1990 VR4

Precision turbo Engineering SCM61 turbo, same turbo as run on 10second evo "PHILDO".
Forged engine (built to handle 600hp+), rebuilt head, 264 kelford reground cams, adjustable cam gears.
Walbro intank 500hp fuel pump
sard 700cc injectors.
sard fpr
Full 3" exhaust from turbo, dytech muffler.
38mm Tial wastegate mounted on an evo 3 manifold
2.5" intercooler piping throughout, with all genuine samco joiners
Custom made intercooler by Albany radiators.
alloy intake pipe with K&N filter
Turbosmart Vee port BOV
Oil Catch can
Blue eagle leads
EMS Stinger computer
Rebuilt Gearbox with evo steel selector forks
Very heavy duty clutch


Shaved door handles and locks, shaved lights on guards, shaved aerial
Fibreglass Evo zero bonnet
Rare AMG orange corner indicators
Resprayed in PPG jet black with lots of clearcoat
17" light weight enkei rp05s

Has put out 240kws on brand new turbo, at 20psi on an extremely safe tune. Is safely able to run at 240kw's at the wheels daily, or could be retuned up to 26psi for racing and easily net a whole lot more power, fuel system and engine has been built to easily support this.


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