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car wont go into gear

quote:Originally posted by 1667 VR4:
im not sure about the flywheel..i bought another one that was already resurfaced from a friend to kill the downtime. i dont think that has much to do with it though. I think the flywheel needs to be have a precise step hieght for the ACT 2600. Was the flywheel you bought machined for an ACT ?



Well-known member
Feb 5, 2003
Middletown, DE
This seems to resemble my experience with a leaking master in my 2G. Just one day while leaving work, I go to depress pedal, start car, ok. I depress again to put in gear and it just drops a lot easier and I just barely got 1st in. I learned to shift without a clutch after that.

Strange part was this was all stock clutch parts on a 3y/o car. Oh well.

Well, it looks like we're going to have to pull the tranny again. All new slave syl, rebuilt master, new GM tranny fluid and fully bled system have done nothing except make it worse. So time for a new clutch fork i suppose.

On the bright side, at least i shouldnt have to worry about ANY clutch-related parts going bad for a long time, since theyre all brand new!


Well-known member
Mar 5, 2001
Peachtree Corners, Georgia, USA
I will personally be surprised if it is your clutch fork, but a new one is a very good idea. I put one in mine, just to be sure. Double and triple check the step height of that flywheel. In fact, you have an extra now don't you? Have it surfaced and cut to the correct height.

It really sounds like a clutch/flywheel problem. As the clutch warms up and gets more "grippy", if that step height isn't right then they would drag and make it difficult to get into gear.

However, if there was air in the line, would it expand as it got hotter? And therefore take more compression from the master to move the slave the same amount due to the air compressing? Who has a good answer to that?
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