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CAPS part number # needed for sway bar end links


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Anyone know the caps # for Sway Bar end links? I saw it mentioned in another thread and didn't want to derail the original thread. If they can be purchased somewhere else cheaper feel free to speak up. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Thx Chris
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Turn Right Racing
Staff member
MB518892 if you want the front ones.

I have Whiteline spherical bearing endlinks for $120 shipped. Check the price of the oem ones and compare...


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If you want to sell me swaybar end links for $120 each, I'll sell you this $5 bill for $20.

Let me know your answer, and that'll be mine.
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The price is for a pair and you better go check the price for a pair of oem endlinks before you make an ass out of yourself... oops, too late.


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Went ahead with it. Seems like it's the right part. Close enough, at least, for the girls I hang out with.