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Bazeng - E39A Mitsubishi Galant VR4 1991 - AUSSIE SPEC


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Hi Guys.
I thought it was about time to post up one of these for my car.
It has been about 88 years building this car.
I've spent alot of time on it and also gone through a bit of money.
I've had 3 engine builds (first one taught me that I should do it myself) and most of the work was done by myself with the help of friends and of course the forums!

Hope you enjoy it.

Bottom End:
100mm Eagle crank
Manley turbo tuff long Rods
Custom Aussie made long rod pistons
Kiggly Girdle
Modified Moroso Alloy sump
ARP mainstuds
Balance shafts removed
Oil filter housing mods

Fp3 cams
Double valve springs
Titanium retainers
HKS cam gears
Evo8 rocker arms
3rd Gen lifters
Mild port
Tomei headgasket
ARP headstuds L17
Hyundai rocker cover

Induction / Exhaust system:
Garrett turbo T51R SPL
K&N filter
ARE custom front mount intercooler
ARE custom dry ice intercooler
JMF drag intake manifold
Alloy intercooler pipingpiping
Plazmaman BOV x 2
Custom exhaust manifold ceramic coated
3.5"turbo to cat
4" cat back
4" Metalcat
Custom 4" muffler

235# MRE atomiser injectors
SX external 1000hp fuel pump
Walbro internal 255 fuel pump
Alloy surge tank
SX billet filter
-10 fuel lines from surge tank to engine
Aeromotive FPR

VR4 RS 4bolt rear diff - evo 3 plate LSD 3.5 ratio
Jayracing 4ws removal kit
PAR dog gearbox 3.5 ratio
Kaaz 1.5way front LSD
Threespeed scatter shield
Custom twin plate clutch / flywheel

Corvette C5 front brake setup
Slotted rotors front and rear
braided lines front and rear
Evo V rims 17x7.5"
cheap tyres for street
Hotbits race suspension
Noltec camber tops
Drag wheels to be confirmed

Autronic SM4
M&W pro14 CDI
M&W CDI coils
Motec SDL dash
Innovate wideband o2 gauge

Sparco fibreglass seats x2

Currently 340kw's at the wheels = 440hp at the wheels on pump fuel and minimal boost

[email protected]

Springy Motors in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My brothers AMG galant also featuring in the picture.

Thanks for looking.
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Just attended a Dyno day on Sat.
Pumped out 339kw's at all four wheels on pump fuel. (450hp in the old money)
7000rpm redline.
1.9 bar boost.
170 degrees C/ 338 degrees F - temp out of the turbo
20 degrees C / 68 degrees F - temp after the intercooler

There was a 300C supercharged making 280kw's at the rear wheels, 375 hp.
I also managed to beat a R32 GTR making 310kw's at the rear wheels, 415hp.

Got plenty of laughs on the day wondering why a family car had vette brakes on the front. They soon realised why when it rolled onto the dyno.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Next outing, the drag strip in a few weeks time!

Then we'll strap on the JMF intake, new water to air cooler and pump in some race gas.


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Update - 17-01-09

Changing the setup.
The motor cracked a sleeve in Cylinder 3 when running C16 & 37psi of the GT3082.
It didn't ping at all, it seemed that the block sleeve was just too weak.
Only cylinder 3 had the sleeve, the rest of the cylinders were fine.
The reason I had the sleeve done in Cyl#3 was only because the block had a scratch in it which couldn't be honed out.

It made approx 550hp at the wheels on a Dyno Dynamics when this happend.

Luckily nothing but the block and 1 piston was damaged.

I am now upgrading the a 2.4L block / manley long rods / custom SPS pistons and a GT3582 turbo.
Some other changes include a new intercooler setup and a 6 point bolt in cage.

The aim now is to make 550hp reliably on pump fuel.

The old engine internals will be used in another motor I am building for the AMG GALANT. We will be aiming for 450hp at the front wheels on pump fuel.



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Engine has been fitted and intercooler pipes to be fabricated.
Getting very close now.