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Anyone got all the part #'s to convert to 90 oil filter housing and air cooler???

I'm having problems again. Had my stupid oil filter shaft back out last week. Screwed it back on, making sure not to crank down/over torque too hard. Just enough to keep it in there. No problems with it for the last week.

I had some running around to do before I was headed out of town, and decided to check on the oil filter to be safe. Once again, it had backed out a little and I gave it a little turn to secure it.

When I check under my car for my "random dripping fluid" check before my commute home today, I see nothing but coolant dripping out from that damn oil filter housing. My best guess is my "little turn" had been a little too much, hence crushing the fins and all of the heat exchanger insides of the oil cooler/filter housing. I'm not really sure how long it was driven in this condition, but I'm sure I've got coolant mixxed with oil somewhere within everything.

Anyone got ALL of the part #'s needed to do this swap?? I'm sure someone has done this, so any help would be appreciated. Seems fairly easy.

This is the last thing I wanted to have happen, but I'm never out of the weeds with this car.


I just wanted to make sure she wasn't leaking oil, and now this.

What I used on my cars, oil filter adapter, Mitsubishi part #:


B&M Supercooler, 11x11x1.5" (green car, will NOT fit with A/C), PN: 70274. Black car, 11x5.75x1.5, fits with A/C, PN: 70273. There is also an 11x8x1.5, which is PN: 70266. I can't remember if I had decided that this would fit with A/C or not.. I believe once you get the fittings on it that it becomes more like 11x13 or 11x14, neither of my cars are here right now so I can't go see for sure (Don't have cooler on green one yet even, partway there though!)

A thinner cooler may be in order for those running an aftermarket front mount and A/C, I have no idea how much clearance there is between the condensor and the intercooler w/ a thicker intercooler core on there.

You will want to run some 6 or 8 AN lines (You could run rubber lines too, much cheaper, but I don't do things that way (I like spending money)), I chose to run -8AN. You will need about 6 feet or so, I got 10 to make sure.

Russell's part number for their -8AN ProRace hose is 632900, it ran me about $70. Their ProFlex hose is pn 632120, pricing is a bit less.

The required fittings for the oil filter adapter are as follows, 2 each of -8AN flare to 16mm x 1.5 metric adapters (i'm almost positive its 16 not 18, someone chime in here). Russell PN: 670550 (anodized), 670551 (endura, shiny $8), and also two -8AN 90 degree swivel hose ends, you don't necessarily need the swivels, but its nice, and I like to spend money. Russell PN: 613170 for the anodized part, $22.50.

For adapting to the cooler I used two of Russell PN: 612110 ($28) on the black car, which is a 90 degree -8AN to 1/2" NPT swivel hose end. On the green car I used two of 660492, which is a stainless 1/2" to -8AN adapter fitting, as well as 1 90 degree swivel hose end, and one 45 degree swivel hose end.

The reason for the differences are that the cooler is mounted with the ports on top in the black car, and it is mounted (will be anyway) sideways with the ports facing the drivers side in the green car.

You may decide to do it differently, hard to steer clear of the $300 mark doing it my way, but this should get you started.


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call wrecking yards and get the factory setup of a 90 turbo. i got mine at a pick a part style junkyard for $17. i used the factory lines and cooler. i've had it on the car for about a year and it works great. if you buy the housing new you can find a bad ass oil cooler on turbo volvo's and then make the lines yourself.

ken inn

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beavis is right. for starters, just get the entire setup off of a 90 car. it all almost bolts right up, and the plastic cover by the wheel is cutout for oil cooler lines. you will have to make a couple of brackets to support the cooler, but it fits right in front of the small square hole on the left side. later on, you can upgrade to a bigger cooler, and an fittings/lines. make sure you get all of the bolts for the oil filter housing, one of the bolts is a different size. also, you cannot get at one bolt, it is under the lower timing cover. i made a hole with a dremel in the plastic, and used a 12mm socket. i think that bolt is the one that is different.