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829/2000 - 9 sec street car?

M Wagner

Aug 15, 2023
Lodi, OH
My name is Mike Wagner, I've raced 2g's for the last 18 years and I officially retired my 8 second 2g a few years ago. Ive always wanted to get my hands on a Galant VR4 and finally in August of 2023 I found this gem only 40 miles away from me! When I bought it it had a 16g, stock motor with a spun bearing, and all Volk arms in the rear. I wanted to get it ready for The Shootout so I slapped together the car in a matter of maybe 3 weeks. Some eagle rods, JE pistons, on my nice butchered and knife edged crank from my 2g, rebuilt the trans as some of the synchros were just done for. Slapped an FP Black on, 5 lug 4 bolt swap, along with a few other things. I managed to get the car to The Shootout it didn't go well but that's racing. After, I took it out to Early Performance so Kevin could actually dial the tune in vs remote tuning it. It made 629/483, it was fun but coming from a car that trapped nearly 170 it wasn't enough and I knew there would be new parts coming in the winter months.

I should have started this from when I got the car so some of this might be out of order :)

Here are some photos of the day I brought it home


After the new motor, FP Black and 5 lug swap:


The Shootout 2023


Flash forward a few months, it was the morning of a race day, one of the last of the year, I drove the car down to fill up on fuel and on the way home I did a 2nd gear hit and the rod said IM OUT!


Basically a total loss...


So with that long story short, that brings us to now. I enjoy fabrication, and sometimes I get bored...with a sawzall... LOL
New parts consist of a long rod turbo tuff motor, Liberty faceplated trans, 6466, the 6" intercooler off my 2g, JMF drag intake and a BS Fab manifold
Ideally the goal is 9s with this car, I don't plan on racing it every weekend like I used to with my 2g. I just want to be able to talk a little smack to my friends that Grandpas 4 door is quicker and then drive it to work on a daily basis
369042819_1032679677979206_1581051379934371724_n (1).jpg
399790804_325093300231135_6242040843609086757_n (1).jpg399810703_314115714757619_2145296618327038328_n.jpg420791505_1414117942647109_5187366265569579879_n.jpg423541743_380140871467724_3533831103931101827_n.jpg


This car will still be a full interior, full exhaust "street car" LOL


Ok this officially brings us to today, as of now I am waiting on my motor to be done and my turbo manifold. Everything else is ready to go once I have these it will be ready to rip in about a weekends worth of work!
The turbo manifold is definitely going to be pretty sweet! I can't wait to share it!

Also I just picked up this carbon hood a few days ago, say a prayer it survives shipping it should be here next week!





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Staff member
Feb 12, 2017
Hey Mike, create a vehicle profile for this car and I'll tie this build thread to that profile:
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