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Newb buying at auction


Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910199 posted 06/24/10 02:10 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Greetings folks! I'm looking into buying a car, and came across an auction. I'm really not sure about this method of buying. Can any of you folks share any car auction experiences? Whether good or bad, I'd like to hear/read from you.

Another thing, I've noticed some vehicles have rebuilt/salvage titles, is there any big deal buying one of those?

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910204 posted 06/24/10 02:15 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Salvaged titles can only be titled in some states.

Car auction, like a Barett Jackson auction, or Ebay?

I bought a 72 Coronet back in 2000 for 980 bucks, car was a lemon so I left it at my uncles, where it still sits.

She was clean too, 36k on body and motor but engine was a mess and it just wasn't reliable, never was good with carb*d cars so I never did anything with it, now that my experience is up I should get the trailor out and get it.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910211 posted 06/24/10 02:37 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
^ how does one classify a 28 year old Dodge as a lemon? Not rust as much as promised?

EDIT: a -$980-, 28 year old Dodge?

Newb McGrub - if you aren't comfortable determining the full condition of a used car, avoid auctions like hairy-legged hookers. Auction cars are like Pit Bulls, they can be great but all you hear about are people that got bit.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910254 posted 06/24/10 05:05 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
It's through Copart.. I found a clean title one, there's like 1 out of 100


What do you folks think?

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910258 posted 06/24/10 05:17 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
13 G's for a galant at auction? For that kind of dough i wouldnt be buying at an auction.......

Kelly Blue Book Value

Go buy from a dealer at that price.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910353 posted 06/24/10 10:35 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
13g's is the book value... The auction is only at a little over 2k.

If you are close to DC than is another place to look, however, they deal with a lot of seizures and most of the time have no keys to check the condition of the cars. Guy I worked for bought a 4.6l thunderbird only to find a seized motor and a bunch of head bags and a couple of weed pipes. Was still a good buy. 1200 for the car another 300 in an ebay motor and he made a little bit of money.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910453 posted 06/25/10 09:21 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Didnt see that, makes more sense now.....

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 910485 posted 06/25/10 11:47 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post   
The website below is what city and state government use to get rid of stuff, the days of public auction in a parking lot are going away. My wife runs the city office here and they put stuff on here all the time, since they started doing it this way the prices of what they get average about 50% more and less work. If you see something thats not local to you you can contact the office in charge of the auction and ask someone there to check the vehicle out when they have time. Some you never know because they were street racing or drug dealer seizures but others were dept heads or the mayors old car and probably well maintained by the city garage.

I warn you guys I had a period all i did was watch this site for stuff but most times stuff I wanted was half a country away and no way to go get it.
I've seen M5 BMWs go for a grand and CNC bridgeports go for a few hundred to 10's of thousands more people are hearing about it but nothing like ebay, reason the city and state use its because its free and they get thee money because if you don't pay the company gov deals takes money from your account. Keeps the kids from bidding on ferraris

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