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Re: 9g RalliArt Galant PRAISED


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What do you mean G4? Its not a VR4, right off the bat its non-turbo and FWD

No, I mean...why don't they bring a VR4 galant again's a shame

It's quite simple really. It would create competition for the Evo, which is already selling poorly.

that is flawed logic, a company wants to build brand recognition in ALL markets. That way an owner of 'mitsu family sedan' will likely buy a 'mitsu sports car' if he's in the market for that and loves the sedan, and visa versa. And saying a galant vr4 (2006 aka battleship/freighliner edition) would compete with an evo is absurd. totaly different markets. the legacy GT is for people wanting a wrx/sti but isnt practical + people that want a peppy/performance sedan. The gvr4 would be the same.

Creating lots of hubub about mitsubishi as a brand will sell more cars, ALL models/sales will benefit from a succesful mitsu model (new eclipse might just be the one to do it). that thing is suhweet!!!!

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 229260 posted 06/21/05 06:04 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
i saw the new eclipse at the dealership here in savannah. i want to go take a closer look, and see the inside as well. i've seen pictures but thats not enough.

i think its a step in the right direction and will hopefully sell. motor trend states in there latest mag on the the shelves that if the eclipse fails its going to hurt mitsubishi a lot, it could even start a steady decay. i think they are right, but i just don't understand why. the mitsubishi name is something that has been tested time and time again in rally and with good results. it just feels like everyone forgot that. whats the quickest thing out there that can be had for under 35k? the evo viii mr fq400, so whats the deal? i hope people start buying mitsubishi cars because i fear they might start to fade away...

i don't know if there is a big enough market to bring back the galant vr4 but i know we would all like to see another in the states. an awd eclipse is probably more likely. i just think they should use that 4g63t a little more frequently.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 229414 posted 06/22/05 10:23 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
WOW! for all of us being Mitsubishi guys we shore do bitch about them a lot, although logick and seven26 had some good things to say.
Here's the skinny an AWD system WILL fit under the new Eclipse and according to my Mitsu. Rep. they are talking about it for when it gets its face lift in 2008.
The Ralliart Galant will be on the market in 2007 as ether an opt. package or an actual model I don't know much more than that.
Oh and for who ever said that the EVO doesn't sell well they are wrong.
The EVO is the halo car made more for bragging rights. Since 1992 the EVO has always sold only a few thousand a year.

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Rice Killer

Galant VR-4 org Post #: 229842 posted 06/23/05 03:21 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post   
Anyone know the numbers on how many EVO's have sold since they came out in 2003?I would think it's at least 3k a year or more. They only made 1000 MR's for 2005, they had to sell all those or they would not of made them.

I have to admit I do see more Sti's around my area then EVO's, on average I'll see 1 to 2 evo's a day, when I see 3 to 4 Sti's a day. EVO's seem to be popular in my town though, there is at least 4 just in Lafayette. On the other hand WRXs are everywhere, I see like at least 10 a day. I think Subaru sells more car's in Co then any other state, when I visited Florida I didin't see ONE WRX, but here in Colorado there about as common as a Jeep Cherokee.

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